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John Carter (1926-2003)

JOHN CARTER (1926 - 2003)

John Drake Carter, who died on 13 May 2003, was a potent influence on the development of Peterhouse over three decades - so it is important that we remember him today.
John was born in 1926 in England, and went to one of the country's most famous public schools, Marlborough. He went on to Sandhurst Military Academy where he won the sword of honour - that means he was the top cadet in his group, and his award was presented to him, in 1945, by the then Princess Elizabeth, Now Queen Elizabeth II. After army service in the Middle East he decided - fortunately for us - to pursue a business career in Africa.

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2002 Examinations, Uniforms & Security

The second term was dominated by the decision by the Education, Sports and Culture Minister Aeneas Chigwedere to ban with immediate effect the taking of "foreign" examinations and require all students to sit for ZIMSEC exams. All this without any transitional arrangements for those part way through preparation for Cambridge Board exams. This was followed immediately by the Minister's proposal that all students should wear identically the same uniforms.

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2002 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Sue Davidson’s First Address

Guest of Honour, Mrs. Tessa Mattinson, the Rector and Mrs. Calderwood, governors, invited guests, parents and girls of Peterhouse; I welcome you to our annual Speech Day and Prize Giving.

Most of you will remember Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If'. It starts:

'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs ................ .............'

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2002 Peterhouse Girls Hockey Tour to Cape Town

23 April 6 may 2002

Touring Team:
Donna-Leigh Ackerman, Tamryn Bailey, Susan Cloete, Breanna Curtis, Rutendo Hatendi
Emma Jackson, Kirsten Marx, Ngaatengwe Mataswa, Nicola Pattison, Kirsty Querl
Angela Raynor (Captain), Geraldine Raynor, Karen Speight, Rosanne Thornycroft
Miss S. Barrington (Coach)
Mrs. S.M. Davies (Manager)

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2002 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

The housemasters of the houses are:
Ellis - Jim Redfern
Founders - David Makwindi/Chris Nyazika
Grinham - John Barrie
Malvern - Grant Sinclair
Paget - Brian Foakes
Snell - Andy Griggs
Tinokura - Paul Davis

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