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2000 Peterhouse Girls Year in Profile

HEADMASTER: Mr. J. B. Calderwood
Mrs. D. Anderson-Mabira Mrs. K. Barrie Mrs. A. Chiremba Mrs. S.M. Davidson Mrs. G. Fantiso Mrs. C.A. Gibson Miss K. Harvey Mrs. W. Hewit Miss R. Juru Miss T. Matongo Mr. E.T. Munjoma Mrs. S. Munjoma Mrs. H.E. Nel Mr. K. Nicholas Mrs. N.E Nicholas Mr H. Waters

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2000 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Our Guest of Honour - Mr. Pennant-Rea, the Rector and Mrs. Bawden, Governors, Invited Guests, Parents and Girls of Peterhouse - I welcome you to Speech Day and Prize Giving - our first in the New Millennium.

The New Millennium
We all eagerly, and somewhat nervously, awaited the dawning of the New Millennium expecting, as we had been led to believe, huge technological complications. Little did we know that, in Zimbabwe, huge complications would be brought about by something other than a Millennium Bug!

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2000 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Mr Chairman, Mr Driver, Governor, Governors, ladies and gentlemen,

Last Speech day, I looked forward to the new millennium, wondering how we would fare. I cannot imagine that anyone at that stage could have predicted the horrors that we have witnessed in Zimbabwe in the first few months of this year; it has been difficult for everyone, and many people have been forced to question the roles played by the government and other influential people. As a school we feel that it is important to teach our pupils the difference between right and wrong, and to stand up for one's principles.

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2000 Peterhouse Cricket & Rugby Report

We are still playing cricket in the first term, and practices and matches were again greatly affected by the weather. However the first team still managed to play five games - a lot more than some of our junior B sides. Cricket did take on an extra dimension at Peterhouse this year with the introduction of the school's own Squads of Excellence on a Friday afternoon which involved the top three or four cricketers from each age group. This was a great success and I would like to thank Terry Coughlan for his time and commitment in this regard - I believe this will benefit our top cricketers greatly. I would also like to thank Pete Robinson and Fiona Butchart from the ZCU who ran a very worthwhile umpiring and scoring course for staff and boys.

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