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2002 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Jon Calderwood’s First Address

Mr Chairman, Mr Fuller, Governors, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here today and to welcome our Guest of Honour, Ross Fuller, and his wife Riette.
Speech Day has become the most important day in the Peterhouse calendar, and so it should be, for today we acknowledge those who have excelled during this year.

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2001 Rugby Tour to Dubai

April 2001

The First XI was invited to take part in a tour of Dubai . The coach Reg Querl reports:

Our trip to Dubai was fantastic, we were invited to play in the festival there which is growing each year and next year they would like it to take the form of a tournament. This year it was eight sides. One from the Arabian Gulf, Cresent from Ireland, RGS Newcastle, Colstons from the UK, Llandovery from Wales, Rotarua from New Zealand and Boland Agricultural from South Africa.

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2001 Peterhouse Girls Year in Profile

HEADMASTER: J.B. Calderwood (BA [Phys. Ed] HDE)
SENIOR MISTRESS: Mrs. S.M. Davies (BA [Hons.] UED)
Mrs. D. Andersen-Mabira ( Cert. Ed.)
Mrs. K. Barrie (BEd)
Mrs. A.J. Chiremba (Diploma in Ed.)
Mrs. S.M. Davidson (BSc)
Mrs G. Fantiso
Mrs. C.A. Gibson (BA Hons.] PGCE)
Mrs. W. Hewit (BA Translation)
Mrs. R. Masawi (C.E. [SEC])

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2001 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

Mike Bawden left Peterhouse in November 2001 to be secretary of Walton Heath Golf Club in England. Jon Calderwood will be the new Rector and Sue Davidson will be the new Head of PHG.
Congratulations to Reg Querl on being appointed as the Headmaster of Falcon College. Our loss will be their gain.

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2001 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Mike Bawden’s Farewell Speech

Mr Chairman, Mr Todd, Governors, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to welcome our Guest of Honour, Neil Todd, the ex Head of Falcon, and his wife Sue, to our Peterhouse Speech Day.

John Carter
Today is a sad day for me as it is my last Speech Day; but it is also sad for the School in that this is the last Speech Day, which will be presided over by our Chairman of the Board, John Carter.

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