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2004 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

Rector - J B Calderwood
Second Master - Mr A L French
Senior Master - Mr P A L Davis
Director of Sport - Mr P P T Davies
I/Charge Discipline - Mr D G Sinclair

Ellis - Jim Redfern
Founders - Trevor Mushiko
Grinham - John Barrie
Malvern - Grant Sinclair
Paget - Adam Burgess
Snell - P S G Dongo
Tinokura - Paul Davis

School Appointments
Head of School : D P Potts - Paget
Deputy Head of School : RA Pongweni - Founders
Heads of House:
Ellis - M H Sherwood
Founders - R A Pongweni
Grinham - K J Chakonda
Malvern - B M Clark
Paget - M Zanamwe M
Snell - Undecided
Tinokura - T Sitole

M K T Chidzonga - Founders
G T C Chikumbirike - Founders
P J De Klerk - Snell
D G Knight - Grinham
T R Mandebvu - Malvern
S S Matupire - Ellis
T Mtwarira - Snell
A T Mudawarima - Snell
D A C Seager - Ellis

Games captains
Athletics - M Sherwood
Basketball - K Munetsi
Cricket - D Seager
Rowing - R Pongweni
Soccer - S Nyamuzinga
Squash - K Chakonda
Volleyball - G Nyamunda
Cultural activities appointments
Bridge Club Secretary - A Osman
Chess Captain - J Biwi
Head Chorister - T Madyara
Junior Head Chorister - R Jacobsz
Debate - T Sitole
Interact Vice President - T Chikumbirike
Leo Club President - L Mushambadzi

The Peterhouse Group of Schools was finally authorised to re-open for second term on 9 May 2004, but not before the Rector had spent a short time in the company of other Headmasters in Marondera Prison. The start of term was delayed pending the outcome of discussions with the Department of Education regarding the level of fees that might be charged. The lost time has been made up.

We celebrated the Rededication and Blessing of the Foundation Stone on the 28th of July 2004 - 50 years to the day since the original Ceremony. After a Service in Chapel, where R Pongweni spoke about his experiences at Peterhouse and Dr D Hatendi recounted his, invited guests, staff and boys assembled in the exact spot that between 400 and 500 people assembled in 1954. Our Chaplain said the Special Prayers and the Head of School read the lesson - the same lesson read by Canon Grinham. Mr Mattinson spoke and the guests retired to the Lodge for a lunch on the lawn.

Thanks to Johan and Deirdre Steynberg the area has been cleared and new gardens are being planted. We hope to build a pond and fountain to commemorate our Jubilee Year. Thanks to the early rain, the gardens will become established sooner than expected.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Mike Hammond on 22 December 2003. His was a lifetime of service to Springvale, Eagle and Peterhouse and he will be sorely missed. PHG will stand as his memorial. We pass our deepest sympathy to Barrie and the family.
Andy Griggs has stepped down as Housemaster of Snell after 10 years. He will concentrate his efforts on his two other portfolios - Deputy Director of Studies and Director of Cultural Activities. Congratulations to Phil Dongo who has been appointed Housemaster of Snell.
Farewell to Mr and Mrs Tony Wilde I thank Tony for all he has done in the Estates and Maintenance Departments over 15 years. Mrs Wilde has helped with remedial work in D Block for some time. I thank them for their loyal and committed work at Peterhouse and service in our community and wish them happiness in Harare.

New appointments
Nicolaus Goromondo joined us from Midlands Christian College as Head of IT and resident tutor in Malvern.
Miss Kate Sigsworth who will teach Secretarial Practice and "Tourism and Travel" at 'A' level.
Miss Zoe Hall joins us for second term to teach Chemistry and Science. She starts her post-graduate course at London University in September
Kerry Heyns joins us to teach Commerce, English and help in the IT Department.
Dirk Meyer and Ian Brooke join us as Junior Masters for second term. They are fully involved in pastoral, sporting and extra-mural activities. We welcome Mr and Mrs Ryan Barbour to Peterhouse. Ryan is a Geography teacher and an accomplished Sport's Coach. They have two small children.
Catherine Yiend joins us for the third term to help in the IT Department.

Zimsec Results
'O' level - some of our weaker candidates were entered for one or two Zimsec 'O' level subjects. We wrote 50 papers in all and passed 33. This had a slightly detrimental effect on our overall pass rate bringing it down from 79.7% to 78.4%. Thus, at IGCSE / 'O' level combined 78.4% of all subjects written were passed.
At 'A' level we wrote 24 papers and passed 19. This brought our overall total down for Cambridge 'A' level / Zimsec 'A' level combined, from 90.8% to 89.5%. These are still commendable results, which I feel certain will not appear in The Herald!

Cambridge International Examinations
Three teachers will attend CIE Seminars in Johannesburg in August while Heads of Departments make full use of the CIE Websites - in this way we are able to keep up with latest developments. We are very pleased with CIE examinations, they are internationally recognised and have enabled our pupils to gain entrance into universities around the world.

Pan African Maths Olympiad
P Thornycroft was been selected to represent Zimbabwe at the Pan African Maths Olympiad.

Half Colours
Based on IGCSE predictions the following boys have been awarded
Academic Half-Colours: G Chapman (F); N Madabi (E); A Smith (E); K Solanky (G) and M Webb-Martin (F).
2005 PHB entry examinations
160 boys wrote for the 75 places for D Block in 2005..
Results for the Gallaher Interhouse Trophy for Industry
1. Snell 241 2. Ellis 237 3. Founders 235 4. Paget 232 5. Grinham 225 6. Malvern 216

Mid-year Holiday Activities
Mr L Mudiwa and Mr T Mushiko organised and accompanied senior French pupils on a very successful Tour to France.
Mrs B van Heerden organised the Vth and VIth form Geography and Biology trip to Rifa.
Congratulations to Mr Fantiso for organising the CHISZ Inter-schools Soccer Tournament and hosting it during the holidays. We were narrowly beaten by CBC in the final, after a penalty shoot-out!
The cricketers had a hectic holiday period thanks to Mr PAL Davis, Mr JW Redfern and Mr Barbour
Vth Form Leadership Course 12 - 14th September
Thanks to Mr PAL Davis for organising this course together with Instructors from Sanganayi Creek. Boys and Girls in Vth Form met in Gosho Park over the three-day period and were involved in Teambuilding and Leadership exercises and activities. It was a most worthwhile experience and this augurs well for their role as school-leaders next year.

Interhouse Singing
Malvern won the Interhouse Singing ahead of Founders and Snell.
Tour to Singapore and Malaysia
Bryony Rheam and Adam Burgess took 16 pupils to Singapore and Malaysia over the Easter holidays.  Drama at Gateway
Peterhouse came first out of 3 schools. Peterhouse - 73 Gateway - 64 Prince Edward - 53

School Plays
The production in first term of the play "Sizwi Bansi is Dead" by Athol Fugard, a blend of tragedy and humour set in a Port Elizabeth township in the early 1970s, was a great success. There was a schools' performance and an "intimate theatre" performance with the audience seated on the stage.
"Absent Friends" (2004 Schools Drama Festival Entry) was staged in June. Congratulations to Tamsanqa Sitole, Munyaradzi Chidzonga and Paul Harris on their fine performances

Allied Art Prepared Public Speaking
T Sithole - Honours; P Harris - First +; M Hoto - First; K Dhliwayo - First.

National Institute of Allied Arts Awards
Duologue Trophy for their Duologue from "Siswe Banzwi is Dead" to Tamsanqa Sitole and Munyaradzi Hoto - they also gained Honours Certificates!
Honours Certificate - Prepared Public Speaking (15-18) T Sitole
Honours Certificate - Prepared Public Speaking (18-19) T Mushangi
First Grade Certificate - Prepared Public Speaking (15-18) M Hoto
First Grade Certificate - One Minute Please T Mushangi
First Grade - Prepared Public Speaking (15-18) K Dhliwayo
First Grade - Duologue P Harris, G Pongweni
First Grade - One Minute Please P Harris
First Grade - Prepared Speech P Harris
First Grade - Monologue T Sitole

Three Choirs Festival
The Three Choirs Festival incorporating Springvale House, Ruzawi, Arundel and Peterhouse was held in our Chapel on Sunday 27 June 2004

Interact Variety Concert
The 2004 Interact Variety Concert was a great success. The evening raised some $4 million for charity. Well done!

The production of "It's a Kinda Magic" by the National Ballet will take place in the Fieldsend Hall on 9 October at 7:30pm. Tickets can be obtained and bookings made through Mrs D Creigh-Smith. Adults $10 000 and children $5000.

Sunday Social
The Senior Social / braai at Peterhouse for the boys and girls was a great success thanks to the efforts of Mr AL French, Mr PAL Davis and our Prefect body.

The Peterhouse Maths Department
Many of you are aware of how successful our Mathematics Department has been over the years. At Speech Day I paid tribute to those members of staff who have served Peterhouse for many many years. Without their input and efforts, Peterhouse would find it difficult to maintain its high standards and proud record.
John Greenacre has taught Mathematics at Peterhouse since 1959. John turns 70 this year and is still teaching a full timetable! He would like, next year, to teach a reduced timetable but still run the bank!

Phil Ward has taught Mathematics since 1968 and Patience Mansfield since 1987 - she is currently Head of Department. Rodney Brooker, retired Headmaster of Ruzawi School and Grant Sinclair - the youngest in the Department (Paget 1984) make up a strong team that can boast a 100% pass rate at 'A' Level for two years running; 90% pass rate at 'AS' Level and 72% pass rate at IGCSE.
The Department has asked me to advertise the fact that Peterhouse is looking for new Mathematics teachers. If you know anyone who might be interested in teaching
J B Calderwood

As 2003 had been so successful (with all the teams from Falcon playing at Peterhouse), Peterhouse travelled to Falcon to celebrate their 50th Anniversary with 5 hockey sides, 2 soccer sides and 10 rugby sides. A total of 210 boys and 11 staff made the journey to Esigodini (with lots of help from parents as all in all about 40 sets of parents helped with transport).
Friday afternoon was hockey day and after a very early start, and 8 hours of travelling, the hockey sides acquitted themselves well:
U14A Lost 0 - 1
U15A Won 8 - 4 An incredible game
U16A Drew 1 - 1
2nd XI Won 6 - 0 Including 5 goals from striker A Taylor.

The 1st XI game was at 4 o'clock with Falcon, the definite favourites and most probably rated the best side in the country. A very quick and fiery paced game ended in a fair 1 - 1 draw with A Loubser (goal-keeper) being the hero as he saved a crucial penalty. It was an excellent game enjoyed by many parents of Falcon and Peterhouse. The comradieship was excellent and the drinks after the game were very cold!

Saturday morning there was junior rugby and the 1st and 2nd's soccer. The junior sides totally dominated with the U15A's continuing their incredible run - quite exceptional.
U14A Won 22 - 5 U14B Won 41 - 0 U15A Won 56 - 7 U15B Won 31 - 14 U16A Drew 5 - 5 U15B Won 13 - 7
Seconds soccer won 5 - 0 and the 1st XI led by Captain S Nyamuzinga, who scored two "Beckham like goals", won an exciting encounter 3 - 1. It was well deserved and a very pleasing result. Well done to P Fantiso (Coach) and the team.

Saturday afternoon was dominated by Falcon as only the 4th team managed to win. All games were closely contested, very good defence but the lack of tries were disappointing - most probably spoilt by pedantic refs who didn't let the game flow. Falcon deserved to win the 1st team game which ended with a 4 game losing streak, but it was certainly no spectacle and the 3 - 8 score result says it all.

4th XV Won 22 - 12 3rd XV Lost 0 - 12 2nd XV Lost 3 - 13 1st XV Lost 3 - 8
But what a wonderful weekend and even if it meant that Peterhouse would only end up 2nd to Prince Edward in the Schweppes Super 8 League - it was great being with friends and sharing Falcon's 50th. We certainly look forward to next year!
P A L Davis

First term
The start to the 2004 sports programme was in a word been wet. The first week of cricket was washed out, but the First XI then tied its game with Hillside 113 -113 and went gone on to an excellent win over Falcon. The 1st squash team inflicted the first defeat by any school team on PE in three years and the water polo teams are making headway, but have a way to go, as do the tennis players this year. The basketballers are doing well, blitzing the field in theWatershed tournament, as are the rowers: 6 victories from 10 events in the first regatta and overall winners of the Hunyani Championships and Crab Trophy. The top athletes: A Broom, T Ndewere, T Mudimbu, S Murinda, K Bwerinofa, G Willis and J Mavetera competed in South Africa on the back of outstanding performances by S Murinda 51.0 sec 400m and K Bwerinofa 1.91 m high jump and the rowers did well at the South African rowing championships in Pretoria.

Second term
The second term sports program got underway with mixed results for the rugby teams at Cottco, but the 1st XI hockey had 3 wins and a draw at the Prince Edward Tournament. The term proper finally started with losses in rugby to St John's (6-27) and hockey to St George's (1-2) but a victory to the Ist Soccer team against Harare International School (2-1) was followed by good wins against Lomagundi (4-1) and Rakodzi (4-2) and a draw against Cherutombo (1-1) and P3 W1 D1 and L1 in the U20 Bernard Mzeki Tournament. The soccer players are continuing to have an excellent season including a good win against Falcon (3-1) The First XV went on to have wins against Watershed (64 - 0) Lomagundi (47 - 8) Churchill (29-19) PE (25 -12) St George's (39 - 10) but a losses to Falcon (3-8) and St John's (The squash players had a fine season, but the hockey teams had mixed results.


KN Munetsi was in the Zimbabwe U20 Squad of 12 in an international tournament in Mozambique and played in the starting line up on all 6 games. Zimbabwe was placed 4th. Congratulations.


Peterhouse hosted the CHISZ Inter-schools Tournament on 6 and 7 August 2004. Our thanks to Servcor for their considerable contribution towards hosting the event and for the trophy they donated.

1st XI v Falcon
1st XI won by 7 Wickets Falcon 117 all out (Graham 4-46, Loubser 2-10. PH 303-6 (Querl 131, Nyamuzinga 71*) Falcon 228 all out (Graham 4-91, Querl 2-4, Coughlan 53), PH 46-3 (Nel 28)
Zimbabwe Country Districts XI
Selected from Peterhouse: Ballance (Captain), J Gaisford, A Peebles, C Mutendera, D Nyabonda


Zimbabwe Hockey Trials
Bruce Kay selected for Zim U19 team. Zimbabwe U17A Team S Murinda G Querl Zimbabwe U17B Team M Taylor Reserve: J Gaisford


Glenn Querl was selected to represent Zimbabwe U17 in South Africa


Cottco 1st XV P4, W4, L0 U16 P3, W3, L0
Prince Edward P13 W11 L2 1st XV W 29-17
CBC P4 W4 1st XV W 50-5
Churchill P9 W9 1st XV W 31-7
Falcon P10 W7 L3 1st XV W21-12
St George's P10 W10 L0 First team W43 - 20
Lomagundi P6 W5 D1 1st XV W 52 - 0
Gateway P3 W2 L1 Our Bs vs Gateway As
Heritage P3 W2 L1 Our Bs vs Heritage As
St John's P13 W7 D1 L5 1st XV L 38 -13
Watershed P9, W9, L0 1stXV W 36 - 3
RUGBY 2003    1st    U16    U14
Watershed    W 36 - 3    W 48 - 0    W 98 - 0
Eaglesvale    W 29 - 0    W 36 - 0    W 110 - 0
St George's    W 43 - 20    W 12 - 5    W 23 - 5
Lomagundi    W 52 - 0    W 88 - 0    W 44 - 0
St John's    L 13 - 38    W 26 - 14    W 34 - 0
Prince Edward    W 29 - 17    W 17 - 15    W 29 - 12
CBC    W 50 - 0    W 29 - 5    No game
Churchill    W 31 - 7    W 22 - 19    W 44 - 0
Falcon    W 21 - 12    W 24 -10    W 66 - 0
Overall results : Played 100 W 85 L13 D2

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