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2003 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Mr Chairman and Mrs Turpin, our distinguished guests, Rev. Dr Alan Megahey and his wife Elizabeth, Governors, Parents and boys - welcome to Speech Day 2003.

Nineteen years ago, in this Chapel, "the then Rector" of Peterhouse welcomed Jenny and I into the Peterhouse family - I was the Headmaster Designate of Springvale House. Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome "the then Rector" of Peterhouse , Dr Alan Megahey, as our Guest of Honour at Speech Day. Although Alan left Peterhouse ten years ago, he still has an active interest in all that goes on here. He is writing the "History of Peterhouse", and it will be published it in time for our Jubilee Year in 2005.

Alan and I communicate on a regular basis, thanks to e-mail, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his support, his advice and most of all his enthusiasm and interest for everything at Peterhouse and in Zimbabwe. I am pleased to announce that Doctor Megahey has agreed to co-ordinate our 2005 Jubilee activities in England.

Mr Chris Paterson, who is with us today, has already set a date for the Dinner and Celebration in Oxford and he hopes to organise cricket matches between Petreans and Falcon Old Boys. Last year we presented Certificates to Prize Winners - thanks to Mr Paterson we have a beautiful selection of books as prizes this year.
Sadly Mr John Carter is not with us today. He passed away on Thursday 13 May. Mr Carter served Peterhouse for over 30 years and thanks to his vision and determination was responsible for the huge changes that have occurred here since Independence. His name will always be held in high esteem at Peterhouse, and he will be remembered "for generations to come" by the "John Carter Science Block". Mr Carter had a great impact on my life. He appointed me Headmaster of Springvale House, he asked me to take over Peterhouse Girls, on Mr Hammond’s retirement, and more recently appointed me Rector.

2003 in Zimbabwe
2003 has not been an easy year in Zimbabwe. Many have suffered physically and mentally, some have lost their homes, their livelihoods, we have all had to tighten our belts, but we have achieved a great deal at Peterhouse this year. Martin Luther King Jr said "The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

We are a resourceful and resilient people. In a relatively short period of time many of us have witnessed the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other, most of us have come to the conclusion that some sort of compromise is necessary. Now is the time for that compromise - we are too good a nation to remain divided. I am in the privileged position to see, on a daily basis here, how things could be, how things should be in Zimbabwe. In difficult times it is all too easy to go to ground, to "hibernate until the new season". I started the year with that mind-set but soon realised that I could not be content by merely managing situations. My task is to lead and to lead we need a vision. In Proverbs 29:18 it reads "where there is no vision the people perish".

Vision for the future
To focus on a vision, we as staff, as pupils and as parents engaged in an exercise to identify our strengths, our weaknesses, the opportunities open to us and the threats on us. We revisited our Strategic Planning exercise. We filled three pages with our strengths and I would like to highlight a few - our location, boarding, our grounds and facilities, the commitment of staff, our spiritual background, sound teaching, international examinations, the House system, our striving to balance academic pursuits with sporting and cultural activities, teachers as coaches, our staff as a close knit community, disciplined environment, three school in one - and one in three schools, Gosho Park.
We redefined our vision - simply stated it is "Peterhouse aims to maintain and improve its position as a leading Christian Zimbabwe boarding school that provides a world class education." And we have focused on it this year. By pursuing our Vision we have demonstrated that real progress is possible amid civil strife, shortages of food and fuel, escalating inflation, political uncertainty and a break down in law and order. You no doubt have your own Vision. As staff and parents we need to share the Peterhouse vision for the growth and development of your son. But what makes Peterhouse so special? Why should parents want to send their sons here?

What makes Peterhouse special?
Peterhouse is made up of three schools, Springvale House - a weekly boarding preparatory school for boys and girls. Arguably the best prep school in the country at this moment in time thanks to the care and efforts of Mr Peebles, his staff and his parent body. Mr Peebles completes 10 years as Headmaster this year and I would like to congratulate him on what he has achieved in that time.

Peterhouse Girls is a single sexed boarding school for girls that has created for itself an enviable reputation in a relatively short period of time, thanks to the efforts of Mrs Davidson and her staff. After ‘O’ level, the girls study here at Peterhouse, and co-education at ‘A’ level is ideal because it produces outstanding results for boys and for girls and gives them a greater chance to interact socially, something not possible in single sexed schools.
Peterhouse is a boarding school for boys that takes advantage of the House system. Whilst working within the various policies of the school, each Housemaster brings his unique individual personality and talents to the fulfilment of his role.

The one in three, three in one aspect of Peterhouse makes it unique and caters for families in a way no other school can in Zimbabwe.
Academic pursuits enjoy priority at Peterhouse and we seek to provide a framework for the highest possible achievement.
As a group of schools we tend not to concentrate on educating the academic elite, we cater for a wide range of abilities and succeed in stimulating the more gifted; encouraging the average to achievements they thought beyond them; and giving to those who struggle extra attention to ensure that our academic results are impressive.
Yesterday many heard of the outstanding results at Peterhouse Girls School during 2002. Comparisons between boys and girls results have been made for centuries. In 1785 Hannah More concluded "the mind of each sex has some kind of natural bias". She maintained that "girls have generally quicker perceptions - boys have juster sentiments; girls speak to shine or to please - boys to convince or refute; girls admire what is brilliant - boys what is solid and girls are fond of incident  - boys of argument." Girls, through time, have always produced better results. Mrs Davidson (and then Mrs Davies) clearly demonstrated that this is true at Peterhouse, especially up to ‘O’ level. Up until O level it could be said that boys are safe from the overuse of their mental ability! Thankfully this does change at ‘A’ level when they are joined by the girls, when they adopt a more serious, mature and determined outlook.

Examination results
At ‘O’ level / IGCSE - I was disappointed with the overall percentage pass rate of subjects - it dropped to 63%. The work ethic of the five year to "O" level group and ‘A’ Block group left a lot to be desired. The swapping and changing of syllabuses and examining Boards, during negotiations with the Ministry, did not help the pupils or their teachers and certainly affected our performance in the examinations.

At AS the pass rate was 81% with Edward Arkle achieving an impressive 3As and 1 B and Maxwell Rugonye attaining 3As.
At ‘A’ level our results were the best ever  97.4 % of all subjects were passes.
Nine subjects achieved a 100% pass rate: English, History, Geography, French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Art, Accounting and Geometric and Mechanical Drawing.
Simbarashe Chinyowa and Tendai Chitapi attained 3As and 1 B while Sukutai Manyumwa and Jabulani Sidile managed 3As.
These results reflect fine teaching and I congratulate staff on these achievements.
I am pleased to report that we can and will continue to offer International Examinations in the future.
I am confident that our results will be better at IGCSE this year - I believe that the Tutor system is working better and I am confident that our work ethic is improving.

During the first term, senior staff and Housemasters were involved in a NUTAC Team Building Programme and I feel it contributed greatly to the success that we have enjoyed during the year. Henry Ford said "coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success". I would like to thank the Senior Staff for their support and commitment this year and for working together.

Sadly Mr Brian Foakes, Housemaster of Paget, left at the end of last term. His place in the House has been ably filled by Mr Adam Burgess. I thank him for what he had accomplished in the House as "Acting Housemaster" this term.

Another member of our Senior Staff, Mr Andrew Griggs steps down as Housemaster of Snell after 10 years. Andrew is not leaving Peterhouse - he will concentrate his efforts on his two other portfolios - Deputy Director of Studies and Director of Cultural Activities. I thank Andy and Louise for their work in Snell, they will be missed there.
I thank too, Mr Allen French, Mr Paul Davis and Mr David Shaw; they have given me much support and help during this year. They do a tremendous amount to ensure that things work on a daily basis. The secret of our success in the three schools can be attributed to our staff; teaching and administrative. We are indeed fortunate to have such a professional, committed, stable and supportive staff. Each and every accolade that you will hear today involves their efforts, their commitment, their loyalty and their hard work. I would like to pay tribute to the long-serving members of staff, those who have been served Peterhouse for many many years, (some of them longer than they care to admit!) Without their combined efforts Peterhouse would find it difficult to maintain its high standards and proud record.

John Greenacre teaches a full Maths timetable and helps with timetabling, he runs the Bank and Chess, he still travels to chess fixtures on the 76 seater buses!
Phil Ward continues to teach Maths, runs Squash very successfully, organisers transport, haircuts, lost property and can be seen hacking down bushes as he supervises Tasks, three times a week!

John Davidson retired last year but continued to run the library and then took over in a "steering capacity" as Head of the English Department last term. John has just undergone major heart surgery and he steps down as Head of English. I am pleased to be able to announce that Ms Bryony Rheam will take over the position next year. When John returns from South Africa, with his new heart, I am certain he will probably want to take up coaching rugby again!

"Ever-young looking" David Shaw has been at Peterhouse for 29 years! He is our Director of Studies, teaches Physics and keeps the school fully abreast of educational trends worldwide.

George Martin taught at Peterhouse for 29 years, left for 11 and returned last term. Sprightly as ever he coaches hockey, cricket and will coach athletics next term. He has just returned from the Chimanimani Mountains Expedition with B Block.

Mike Hammond, although retired, is our Petrean Secretary and can be found in his office most days. He is still a vital cog in our machinery.

I would also like to make mention of a very special lady who has not been here for many many years. Her contribution to Peterhouse is enormous; the school calendar; weekly bulletins; Head of Mathematics; outstanding teacher; statistician; sports results and she runs the Ball and Whistle! - Ms Patience Mansfield.

Sadly several members of staff have left this year. I have paid tribute to them in my end of term letters.
This term Mr Nat Snook leaves. He has been our Computer Technician, a tutor and recently a teacher in the IT Department. He has been highly successful as a rugby coach and has resuscitated Waterpolo and has put Peterhouse back on the map in Waterpolo circles.
We also lose Sister Walker, I thank her for her efforts in the San and on the Rugby field this year. Quite recently I was informed that Mr Tonderayi Nzanga and Mr Percy (Godwin) Chikobvu are off at the end of this term. I wish them success in the future.
Next term we will welcome Mr Richard Hanly - he will teach English and Geography. Mr Hanly spent 10 years as Headmaster of Hillcrest, we are indeed fortunate that he, his wife and his children will be joining us. His wife will teach at Springvale House.
Ms Ruth Mitchell will join us from South Africa to teach Chemistry and Geography and Mr Simon Raeside, an ATS Bursar holder at Rhodes will teach English.

One of the aspects that sets us apart from other schools is that we are a Christian Boarding school in the Anglican tradition, we meet here for our corporate worship on a regular basis, our Chapel is the heart of our school.
Sadly today, we say farewell to our Chaplain, the Rev. George Punshon. I thank him for his lead in the spiritual and pastoral care of Peterhouse over the past four years and wish him happiness back in England in his retirement.
I thank Mr Allen French and Mr Paul PT Davies for their contribution to Chapel and the spiritual life of Peterhouse. I look forward to their continued support with the Rev George Martin next year. The Rev Martin will co-ordinate our services next term.

Cultural life of the school
The Cultural life of our school continues to grow and develop and will continue to go from strength to strength under the guidance of Mr Griggs next year.
Thanks to the combined efforts of the Music staff in the three school, music flourishes at Peterhouse. Sadly the Jazz Band stopped when Mr Roger Hudson left at the end of the first term but our orchestra is still active thanks to Miss Stirling from Peterhouse Girls.
Mrs Yiend, Ms Stirling and Miss Osborne ensured our success in the annual Eisteddfod held, in the first term.
We again participated in the Three Choirs Concert with Arundel and the Music Department preformed a very successful "Tribute To Andrew Lloyd Webber Show". We are indebted to Mrs Yiend; nothing is too much trouble, she works tirelessly and produces excellent work.

Service Clubs
Our Service Clubs have grown in strength this year. Four boys attended a Leo Club Convention in Botswana in April and we hosted a regional Convention here in August.
Interact raised money for charity and produced a very polished Variety Concert, the best to date in my opinion.
Our charity and chapel collections have raised well over $1m this year, charities that have benefited range from the Island Hospice, to Resthaven to Mother of Peace in Mutoko.

Co-curricula activities
We played Inter-schools competitions at Bridge, Chess and Debated against the top schools in Harare.
James Biwi qualified to play in the World Amateur Chess Championships in Pretoria, sadly he could not attend.
The highlight of our Cultural year, undoubtedly, was the Biannual Peterhouse Festival. This has become a very special occasion for Peterhouse. It was, once again, superbly organised by Mr John Barrie, assisted by Ms Rheam. It, amongst a multitude of activities, included three school plays, a French adaptation of Calamity Jane, The Glass Menagerie and the hilarious Henry the Tudor Dude.
This term we eagerly await the production of the school pantomime.
Munyaradzi Chidzonga has been chosen to act in a Television Sitcom, he was outstanding in The Glass Menagerie and appears to have a bright future ahead of him.
Peterhouse has been rich in drama this year. My thanks to Mr Yiend, Ms Rheam, Mr Mushiko, Mrs Vandoros and Mrs Yiend.

Sports-wise we have had a very successful year, as can be seen from the results sheet in your programme. It is always unfair to single out individuals or make mention of particular sports, but I would like to focus on Rowing, Basketball, Hockey and Rugby.
Our Rowers travelled to Pretoria for the annual South African Championships. Craig Peebles and Murray Richards distinguished themselves at that regatta.
I received compliments not only on our team’s performance but also on their behaviour and manners. We have, this year, against all odds, become the top Rowing school in Zimbabwe thanks almost entirely to the drive and enthusiasm of Mrs Rachel Davis. I thank Mrs Davis for her considerable input and the many supportive parents who have assisted her this year.

Our Basketball team travelled to Natal just before the end of the first term. Again we distinguished ourselves on court. More importantly, for me, I received an e-mail from the Durban High Sports master. It read "The boys were a credit to your school and have become firm favourites to be invited back to this tournament. Please compliment them on their exemplary behaviour and the way in which they conducted themselves on and off the court"
Recently our boys won the Sprite Top Schools Basketball Tournament, a fitting end to an excellent year. I thank Mr Songore for his tireless efforts and for ensuring that Basketball has brought distinction to Peterhouse.

Our Hockey team travelled to Cape Town and competed in an U18 International Hockey Tournament. It faired extremely well considering the competition, and again stood out from the rest in terms of manners and the way in which the boys interacted with the opposing teams, most notably the female teams ! Dustin George won the Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament award. I thank Mr Denman and Mrs Foakes for organising the Tour and for chaperoning it.
We could not have hoped for a better Rugby season, at all levels. I would like to pay tribute to the coaches. I felt very proud to be part of Peterhouse at rugby matches. Our coaches were exemplary in the way they handled the teams and refereed the matches. The ‘icing on the cake’ was beating Falcon, against all odds, in our last match at home. This enabled us to win the Inaugural Schweppes League Competition.

I congratulate Mr PPT Davies, Mr French and of course David Cloete, our Captain, who was an inspiration for the boys.
We have some very talented sportsmen. Aaron Denenga Captained a team of ATS athletic champions who travelled to the South African Championships - the team included 9 Peterhouse boys. T Makoni was selected to play Basketball for Zimbabwe U20 - K Munetsi at U18 level; G Querl was appointed Captain of Zim U16 Cricket, G Ballance and L Graham also were chosen for the team; At Polocrosse B Clark captained Zim U18 while R Shand was selected for that team; B Rensberg and M Taylor represented the U16 side while D Harris played for the U14 side.

A Denenga, T Mtwarira and B Mutsonziwa represented Zimbabwe Schools at Rugby while D Cloete, A Denenga and S Moan played for Zimbabwe U21 and David Cloete actually played and scored a try for the Zimbabwe Senior team!
B Mafa, T Matinde and S Nyamuzinga were chosen for the CHISZ Zimbabwe Schools soccer XI while C Tanner and A Peebles were chosen for Zimbabwe U14 Squash.
Tim Ferris distinguished himself in the Swimming pool and represented Zimbabwe at the All Africa Games in Morocco, he is an exciting prospect.
Ryan Kitcat became the first Peterhouse Boy to play tennis for Zimbabwe and M Charteris represented Zimbabwe at Triathlon.
At Waterpolo S Moan made the U19B Zimbabwe team while T Rensberg and J Raynor were selected for the U16A side. J Raynor was also awarded National Colours for Junior sailing.

We have a proud sporting tradition! Schools want to play Peterhouse they know that we will fulfil our fixture, they know that we will arrive on time.
They know that we will play the game in the right spirit - whether we win or lose; they know that we will look smart, and they know that we will always give of our best.
My thanks to Mr Ashley Denman, our Director of Sport, for his input in the first two terms, sadly he left last term. And my thanks to Mr Paul Davis for all his contribution to sport. I congratulate him on what he has achieved this term as Director of Sport.

The community
It has been my aim to involve the Marondera community in more activities at Peterhouse. More and more attend our Chapel Services , we had nearly 200 in the Congregation at our Christmas Service last year. Our Service Clubs visit the elderly in and around Marondera. They care for disadvantaged children, we bring retired people to our plays, musical events, sporting fixtures so that they can witness, and enjoy, the growth, development and talents of our pupils.
Pupil development and interaction in encouraged not only by the activities that take place here but by activities that take place in Gosho Park, Outward Bound and Far and Wide. It has been my privilege during this year to see just what can be achieved.
Seven boys attended the Global Young Leaders Conference in America in July, they gained enormously form the experience.

It would be unfair not to highlight the important role played by our team of Prefects this year. Thanks to their efforts, their example and their unfailing support we continue to produce young men who care about others and young men who will make their mark on the lives of others.
In particular I would like to thank Aaron Denenga, Head of School, Edward Arkle and Chris Kriek, Deputy Heads of School, The Heads of Houses, School and House Prefects and the VIth Form boys for the positive role they have played this year.
I wish all leavers success in the future.

We strive to achieve our vision at Peterhouse, we always will strive to achieve it and we will achieve it!
And finally I would like to express my thanks to my wife Jenny. Those of you who know Jenny know just how much she does for Peterhouse , she coordinates the garden committee, refurbishes Houses, entertains guests, ensures that House photo’s are displayed and Prefects boards are painted, she runs the Leos Club, serves on the Peterhaven Committee, serves Borradaile Trust, is the librarian at Springvale House; Records at their Interhouse meetings, she certainly keeps herself busy, but the final straw for me was when I came home earlier this term to find her fixing 60 Choir robes ! Jenny you do a great deal for Peterhouse. Thank you.

I would like to end by expressing my appreciation for the support given by our Chairman and his Board of Governors, by the Chairman of our Executive Committee and his members and especially to Mr Simon Hammond, Chairman, (soothsayer, prophet) of our Finance Committee. We, who serve at Peterhouse know that you appreciate our efforts and commitment, we know that our best interests are your concern


IGCSE    A         B        C       % Passes
1996    24.5    34.3    24.5    83.4
1997    26.1    35.2    24.1    85.5
1998    30.0    35.6    20.4    86.2
1999    16.6    35.3    25.6    77.6
2000    22.8    36.8    31.0    84.6
2001    17.5    27.4    31.4    76.3
2002    14.2    21.6    27.4    63.3

A Level    A       B         C         D        E      % Passes
1996    11.4    12.8    21.7    21.7    16.2    83.8
1997    12.5    12.5    20.1    18.8    14.8    78.6
1998    13.2    18.4    20.4    21.0    11.5    88.9
1999    16.0    22.1    23.8    17.3    13.6    92.9
2000    12.7    21.2    28.2    18.0    10.8    90.8
2001    10.8    14.7    29.4    22.9    12.1    89.9
2002    18.9    23.7    24.8    20.4    9.6    97.4

Academic Colours on Results:
TM Madyara, TR Mandebvu, KW Munetsi, B Parikh, TS Sitole.

Aaron Denenga For his outstanding contribution to Peterhouse as Head of School 2003
Tjaart Walravern For his outstanding contribution to the social life and development of Peterhouse over the years.
Daniel Calderwood For his outstanding contribution to the life and development of Peterhouse in a wide variety of activities over the years.

Lindani Chiriva For his outstanding contribution to Music at Peterhouse.


3rd out of 6 schools in St Georges Invitation and 2nd in CHISZ Schools Competition.
The following were selected for the Zimbabwe ATS Schools team: K.Bwerinofa, T.Chadyiwa, A.Denenga(Captain), D.Madziwa, M.Mbwadzawo, T.Mudimbu, S.Murinda, T.Ndewere, M.Sherwood and G.Willis.
M.Sherwood received full school colours, and D.Madziwa the Petrean Award.

BASKETBALL Played 27 Won 22 Lost 5
St John's won 54-51
MHS won 24-11
U20 Zonal Tournament Played 7 won 7
BMC won 40-13
Watershed won 43-42
St John's lost 32-35
St George's won 49-39
Watershed won 58-50
Prince Edward lost 15-64
U20 Watershed Tournament won 4 lost 2
Sprite Top Schools won 5 lost 1
Tour to Natal Played 6 Won 3 Lost 3  6/16 schools
Beat Plumtree 35-31 in the final, last won the tournament in 1993.
Mash East: T.Makoni, T.Tawengwa and A.Mudawarima
Zimbabwe U18: K.Munetsi
Zimabwe U20: T.Makoni (voted best point guard.)
T.Makoni and T.Tawengwa received full School Colours.

BRIDGE Played 10 Won 5 Drew 1 Lost 4
Chisipite won 18-14, drew 74-74, lost 45-15
St Johns won 24-15
Convent lost 41-12, won 22-14
PHG won 22-0, lost 67-83, lost 6-14
Prince Edward won 48-27

CHESS Played 22 Won 18 Drew 1 Lost 3
Heritage won 5-1, won 5-1
Queen Elizabeth won 6-0, won 6-0
Emerald Hill won 4-2
Marondera won 8-4, lost 4-8, won 7-0
Falcon lost 5-3, won 11-1, won 4-1
Gateway won 6.5-5.5, won 8-4
Mabelreign won 6-2
Zengeza 4 won 4-2, won 4-2
St Dominic's won 6-0
St John's won 8.5-5.5, drew 6-6, lost 6.5-5.5
Chisipite won 12-0
Watershed won12-0

CRICKET Played 13 Won 6 Lost 7
PE Festival won 1 lost 2
Prince Edward won by 129 runs
St John's won by 15 runs
St George's lost by 42 runs and lost by 5 wkts
Hillcrest won by 135 runs and lost by 1 wkt
Falcon lost by 8 runs and won by 4 wkts
Churchill won by 5 wkts
Lomagundi won by 5 wkts
MCD U19: I.Austen, R.Kitcat, I.Nicolson and S. Nyamuzinga
Zimbabwe U16: G.Ballance, L.Graham and G.Querl (Captain)
B. Mutsonziwa received the Petrean Award.

HOCKEY Played 13 Won 7 Drew 3 Lost 3
PE Festival won 3 lost 1
St George's won 3-2, lost 1-0
St John's drew 1-1, drew 1-1
Watershed won 2-0, won 2-0
Prince Edward drew1-1
Eaglesvale won 3-0
Falcon lost 0-1
Cape Town Festival won 2 drew 1 lost 4.
Placed 5th out of 16 teams in Plate Section.
D.George voted best goalkeeper of the Tournament.
Zimbabwe U17A: C.Buchanan, G.Chapman and A.Loubser
Zimbabwe U17B: T.Rensburg
Zimbabwe U19B and full School Colours: C.Hildebrand, S.Jogee and R.Kitcat
D.George received the Petrean Award.

Zimbabwe U18: B.Clark (Captain) and R.Shand
U16: B.Rensburg and M.Taylor
U14: D.Harris

SA Champs: C. Peebles and M.Richards open men’s double scull, won B final.
M.Richards 5th in men’s open single scull in A final and C.Peebles 6th in U16 A final.
Victoria Falls Regatta, entered 15 events and won 11.
Zimbabwe National Championships at Mazowe Dam, entered 18 events Won 16. M.Richards received full school colours.

RUGBY Played 13 Won 12 Lost 1
Cottco Festival Played 3 Won 3
Marondera won 64-0
Watershed won 36-3
Eaglesvale won 29- 0
St John's lost 13-38
Lomagundi won 52-0
St George's won 43-20
prince Edward won 29-17
CBC won 50-5
Churchill won 31-17
Falcon won 21-12
Zimbabwe U14: T.Biti, B.Chapman, D.Denton, M.Gwaradzimba, G.Kaulback (Captain), D.Mama, A.Mapani, D.Robertson and S.Ushe.
Zimbabwe U19: A.Denenga, T.Mtawarira and B.Mutsonziwa.
U21: D.Cloete, A. Denenga and S.Moan
Full School Colours: D.Cloete, A.Denenga, L.Hanmer, S.Hill, T.Matenga, T.Mtawarira, B.Mutsonziwa, S.Moan, M.Yiend
Winners of Schweppes Super 8 League as well as winning U16 and 1st XV Sections.
T.Matenga received the Petrean Award.

SOCCER Played 14 Won10 Drew 1 Lost 3
Falcon drew 1-1
Lomagundi won 5-2
St George's won 1-0
Craig Lee won 3-0
Macheke lost 2-1
Marondera won 4-3
Gateway won 5-2, won 2-0
Cherutombo lost 3-0
Rakodzi won 6-1
CBC won 2-1
Kyle won 1-0
Prince Edward lost 0-2
Masiyapambile won 2-0
Lost to Falcon in the CHISZ semi-finals.
Selected for the CHISZ XI: B.Tafa, F.Matinde and S.Nyamuzinga.
Full school colours: M.Gwashure, C.Karidza and B.Tafa
C.Karidza received the Petrean Award.

SQUASH Played 8 Won 6 Lost 3
Westridge won 8-7
St George's won 4-0, won 4-0
St John's lost 1-3
Prince Edward lost 1-3, lost 1-3, won 3-1
Eaglesvale won 4-0
Churchill won 3-1
Zimbabwe Squash Championships
U19A: S.Jogee(7), T.Rensburg(20)
U19B: K.Chakonda(3), T.Manase(9), A. Knight(10)
U16: T.W. Rensberg(2)
U14: C.Tanner(2), A.Peebles(3), T.Chakonda(8)

2nd at St Ignatius Gala and 3rd out of 7 schools at St Johns Gala.
3rd out of 8 in the finals of the Inter schools Swimming Championships .
T.Ferris swam for Zimbabwe at the Junior All Africa Games in Morroco.

TENNIS Played 10 Won 6 Drew 1 Lost 3
St John's lost 2-10, drew 6-6
Prince Edward lost 2-10, lost 2-10
Churchill won 10-2, won 8-4
Chisipite won 9-3, won 11-1
St George's won 8-4
Heritage won 12-0
R. Kitcat captained U19 MCD and toured with Zimbabwe to RSA and won the Open tennis championship for the 5th consecutive year. He is ranked No. 5 in the country.

M.Charteris represented Zimbabwe in the South African Championships and came 2nd in the event.

VOLLEYBALL Played 10 Won 5 Lost5
Prince Edward lost 1-3, lost 0-3
St John's won 3-0
Churchill lost 0-3
Allan Wilson won 3-0
St George's won 3-1
Churchill Tournament won 2 lost 2

WATERPOLO Played 17 Won 4 Lost 13
Lomagundi won 9-4
Prince Edward lost 2-17
Lomagundi lost 2-4
St George's lost 1-10
St John's lost 6-1
Lomagundi won 6-5
Crusader Shield won 1 lost 6
Bruce Kennedy Trophy won 1 lost 3
Zimbabwe U19B: S.Moan and Zimbabwe U16: T.Rensburg and J.Raynor.

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