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2001 Peterhouse Girls Year in Profile

HEADMASTER: J.B. Calderwood (BA [Phys. Ed] HDE)
SENIOR MISTRESS: Mrs. S.M. Davies (BA [Hons.] UED)
Mrs. D. Andersen-Mabira ( Cert. Ed.)
Mrs. K. Barrie (BEd)
Mrs. A.J. Chiremba (Diploma in Ed.)
Mrs. S.M. Davidson (BSc)
Mrs G. Fantiso
Mrs. C.A. Gibson (BA Hons.] PGCE)
Mrs. W. Hewit (BA Translation)
Mrs. R. Masawi (C.E. [SEC])

Miss. T. Matongo (Diploma in Ed.)
E.T. Munjoma (MPhil PGCE)
Mrs S. Munjoma (MSc)
Mrs. H.E. Nel (BA HED)
K.A. Nicholas (BA [Hons.] HED LRSM)
Mrs. N. F. Nicholas (BA)
Mrs. M. Pangarker (BA)
Mrs. A.L. Pratt (BA UED)
Miss P. Rinashe
H. Waters (MFA)
HOUSEKEEPER: Mrs. M. Van Aarde
RECEPTION: Mr. I. Mazhero

Head Girl: Lindsay Wells
Deputy Head Girl: Frances Travers
Head of Eland: Victoria Sweatman
Head of Impala: Lara Mordt
Head of Sable: Anesu Mhlanga
Kirn Blackwell, Claire Holman, Rujeko Jena ,Tazivei Makwavarara, Cecilia Midzi, Tafadzwa Muchopa, Tamara Nel, Emily Seager, Lilian Shamu, Nomagugu Tshuma

It hasn't been an easy year. Two years ago I expressed my fears (of our future) at the dawn of the new millennium - my concerns at that time were mainly of a technical nature. Looking back at the first two years of this century, using both a Zimbabwean and now even a global perspective ... is frightening.

The events of the 11th September will, I fear, dramatically change the course of history. My hope when I first saw the atrocity was that people all over the world would become united in a stand against those whose aim it is to disrupt, divide and destroy civilized society. Someone in America might just be able to empathize with those harassed in our country by those here who aim to disrupt, divide and destroy, albeit on a different scale.The strike back action taken against Afghanistan will, I fear, throw a smoke screen over those engaged in activities here, activities that have led to the break down of law and order, and the collapse of our economy.

One of the aims of education is to produce a civilised person. It is quite simple to distinguish between the civilized and the incivilized person - the one writes books; the other burns them. The we creates, while the other iestroys; the one loves his fellow nan; the other kills and tortures -urn. The civilized make the law; the uncivilized break it. The civilized person enjoys the world of nature; the uncivilized person exploits and befouls it. The civilized person savours his wine; the uncivilized person gets drunk.
We, at Peterhouse Girls', are civilized people. Our girls co-exist amicably - they care for each other, they work together to achieve common goals. They never cease to amaze me, just as they never cease to inspire me.

We live in a structured normal environment, where there are laws and where the girls work within that law. We are bordered by places where chaos exists. A concerted effort has to be made by staff and girls alike to ensure that ours is a place where sense prevails. My thanks to my staff at this time to Mrs. Vandoros for her many hours of counselling, our Chaplain for his prayers and Mr. Munjoma whose wisdom has inspired us, especially during this term. We are constantly on guard to ensure ours remains a place of normality.
Proof that we are getting it right can be seen by looking back over this year and considering some of the Academic, Spiritual, Cultural and Sporting achievements. It has been an outstanding year.
I am pleased to announce that Mr. Eliot Munjoma will take over as Director of Studies when Mrs. Davidson becomes Headmistress next year.

Academic Results
Our top candidate was Emily Laing, she achieved 9 A's and IB. Emily, this year, qualified to participate in the final round of this year's Old Mutual Maths Olympiad -to quote her Maths teacher , Mr. Greenacre: "Quite a feat for a chick"!
Our 'A' level results arrived soon after our return. There were certainly some strange results - one girl managed an A for Art; A for English; a C for Mathematics and failed History with an O! Several parents asked for and paid for remarks in Biology and History.
Number of girls with 2 Passes or more 44/45 - 98%
Total Number of Entries 127
Total Number of Passes 119
Percentage Pass Rate - Subjects 94%
They were closely followed by the arrival of the '0' level results. Of the 17 subjects on offer: 7 had 100% pass rate, 6 were between 89-100%. The remaining 4 between 82-89%
49/51 girls passed 5 or more subjects. I
In fact 49/50 of that year group actually passed five or more subjects. (I allowed one weak girl to repeat her '0' level year, and sadly she did not pass five subjects at one sitting.)
Total number of entries was 453
Total number of passes 425
95% pass rate of subjects

Our new library came into full commission this year - Mrs. Nel hosted a Librarians' Workshop; our facility was the envy of those who attended. Mr. Jameson Toma is now based in the library and deals with its day-to-day running under Mrs. Nel's guidance. Five new CD-Rom machines were added to our Media Room in the library and we now have an e-mail facility for the girls there.

The Wests gave chairs for the Video Room in the Library, and class videos are shown on a regular basis. Thanks to the efforts and kindness of Mr. Rupert Pennant-Rea, 30 computers were sourced and sent from England. They are networked and in use, thanks to Mrs. Pangarker, who joined us to teach IT for two terms. Mrs. Heathcote will teach our D and C Block next year - they will follow the I.C.D.L. I would like to thank Mrs. Pangarker for her input and guidance.

The software and networking of the thirty machines alone cost over Z$lm - the saving effected by Mr. Rupert Pennant-Rea's donation of the machines is vast.
On the Spiritual Side: Chapel plays an important role in our lives. Thanks to the go-ahead from our Executive Committee, our Chapel - The Chapel of St. Francis, was enlarged to form the shape of a crucifix. The transepts ensure that all girls and staff can now attend Chapel services. Twenty-four pews have been added parents and Old Boys have paid for 19, and will have plaques attached to them.

A new altar has been built out of teak - wood from the old Peterhouse Science Labs. It will be fixed in place soon.
Mrs. Pratt has produced a set of tiled wall hangings for our Stations of the Cross -they are exquisite and will be hung in place soon. The area around our Chapel is being always, for me, be the heart of the school. Rev. Punshon has been tremendous this year, and he and Mr. Paul Davies ensured that 37 of our girls were confirmed earlier this term. Last week, at our Headgirl's initiative, we had a day of prayer for Zimbabwe.
S.U. is still a very popular girl-run activity each Friday night.

Charity work
It is essential that young people learn to think about and care for the needs of those less fortunate. Apart from the activities of our Service Clubs - Interact and the Leo Club, each House has raised money for various worthwhile causes. A great deal has been done for the St. Francis Pre-School classroom and the children who will learn there next year. The classroom will be ready soon - thank you for your sponsorship. The cultural side of our school has blossomed this year - much can be attributed to Mrs. Davies who has co-ordinated our program. Last year, to mark the Tenth Anniversary of her Interhouse Arts Competition, we renamed it the Buckland Arts Competition - Mrs. Buckland promptly married Mr. Davies in December!

The standard of our artwork is outstanding. Mrs. Pratt's kingdom has grown - thanks to our Art Exhibition of two years ago and a very generous donation of foreign currency made by Mr. Craig Bone. A new studio and pottery/kiln room has been added to the existing buildings. The courtyard between the old and new will become an area of inspiration for our girls in the years to come.

Allied arts
Thirty-two girls took part in this year's competition. All Group and Duo Poems were awarded Honours, while seven Solo Recitations also attained Honours. Girls in the Public Speaking, as well as Prepared Bible Reading, too, attained honours. Most of the remaining entrants received First Class Awards for their Pieces, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Gibson. (First Class represents 80-89%, while Honours are awarded for 90% and above.) Our BRIDGE teams compete at the highest level in Harare. In the Mashonaland Interschools Pairs Tournament in Harare our first three couples were placed 2nd, 8th and 12th out of 54 teams.

Our Choirs were again outsanding this year. Our Senior Choir was award First+ in the Senior Girls' Section of the Eisteddfod. Our Junior Choir attained a 2nd in the Senior Girls Section.
Sadly, our Choir Master, Mr. Keith Nicholas, is immigrating to Australia with his family at the end of term. Keith and Nicola, who teaches English and History, will be sorely missed. We wish them happiness and success in their new country.
This year Mr. Nicholas ran the Choral Society. On Sunday we were entertained to a top class rendition of Carl Orff's Camina Burana; I eagerly await the Choir Dinner and Music Soiree that will be held in the coming weeks.
Mr. Nicholas has established us as one of the top, if not top, choir school in Zimbabwe.

The Junior Drama Group produced two plays in the first term - they were of a high Standard. As were the Interhouse Plays - the best to date.
In the second term, Mrs. Vandoros produced the musical 'Grease' at Peterhouse. Twenty-nine girls were involved - Mr. Nicholas was Musical Director and Mrs. Bettin
took charge of the choreography. It was a great success, as was the French play 'Moliere'. Twenty B, C and D girls are involved in 'The Magical Voyage of Ulysees' which will take place later this term.
'Grease' and the 'Moliere' play were an important part of this year's Peterhouse Festival. For me this was the best festival ever, thanks to the organizer, Mr. John Barrie. Peterhouse Girls' was fully involved in a wide range of cultural events and activities - it was a long, but very rewarding weekend.
Toastmistresses, Debating and the Senior Cultural Club encourage our girls to express themselves confidently and eloquently, and Public Speaking is still a very popular activity with many girls.
I am always proud of how confident our girls are and how well they speak in public.

Food and Nutrition
Our '0' level girls produced a scrumptious four course gourmet meal for the Common Room formal dinner in the second term.

Our Guest of Honour - a founder member of staff - has spent fifteen years building up our facilities and producing teams comparable to any in Zimbabwe. We excel at sport - our girls train hard and are well motivated. I will make mention of a few sports that we have on offer: Aerobics was introduced to PHG ten years ago. It has become very popular, thanks to the enthusiasm, know-how and direction of Mrs. Bettin. Sadly, Mrs. Bettin leaves at the end of term. Mrs. Bettin also introduced Aerobic sport; we gained five Silver and three Bronze Medals at the National Championships, and five of our girls represented Zimbabwe at this discipline earlier this year. She, too, has introduced Thai boxing; thankfully I leave before some of the girls become too proficient. I thank Mrs. Bettin for all she has done and achieved over the years and wish her happiness in South Africa.

We are, again, the top girls' school in the country, thanks to Mrs. Querl.
District and National organizational problems led to a fairly disrupted term. We did, however, manage to get one girl into the U16 National Team and three into the U20 Provincial Team. Cecilia Midzi was awarded School Colours.
Thanks to an experienced group of coaches, Mrs. Vandoros U14, Mrs. Hough U15, Ms. Barrington U16 in the National League -making us the top hockey school in the county - a fine tribute to Mrs. Querl's work over the years.
Zimbabwe Representatives:
- UI6B Kirsty Querl, Breanna Curtis, Kirsten Marx, Susan Cloete and Geraldine Raynor.
- U20B Jenna Hunter.
Colours for Hockey were awarded to Angela Raynor and Jenna Hunter, who sadly left for England this term.
It is a risky business to invest in highly specialized sports in a school. Our rowers have ensured great dividends and returns. Thanks to Mrs. Hewit, Mrs. Davis at PHB, Mr. Stuart Pattison, Mr. Graham Douse and Mr. Keith Engelbrecht, rowing is stronger now than it has ever been. At the recent Interschools Regattas we entered 19 events and were placed 1st or 2nd in 15 of them.
Plans are afoot to change our home venue to the Kushinga Phikelela Dam and the beautiful trailer built by Mr Pattison will enable us, among other things, to travel more easily to the S.A. Championships next year.
Our teams continue to improve under the supervision of Mr Hywel Waters. sadly Mr Waters leaves after completing two years of his ATS bonding with us - we thank him and wish him success in his future.
Once again this has been our best season ever! This year, at the Interschools Competition, we were within sight of Chisipite and Convent, way ahead of Lomagundi who were 4th, while Arundel, our traditional rivals, seemed to get lost en route. The sport is coached by Mrs Querl - again a fitting end to her work over the years. Nikki Gray awarded School Colours, while Megan Odendaal was selected tor the Zimbabwean Development Team. Once again, we completed a most successful season, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Liz Ireland-Jones. Talana Hacking, our Captain, was awarded School Colours.

Development on Campus
In a year when it would have been thought prudent to consolidate and "wait and see", we have forged forward with many developments on our campus.
The John Butler Pavilion between our athletics track and all weather area was completed at the beginning of the year.
As mentioned, the Chapel was extended as was the Art Room, and the Computers were installed in The Pennant-Rea Room.
Many of the classrooms were upgraded and changed to accommodate subjects and classes better. The old library is now our Commerce classroom.
A new Workshop area to better serve both schools on site is being built. Although unsightly at the moment, it won't be long before the Garden Committee set about camouflaging it.

New gates were built at the entrance.
Boilers were fitted at both pools, thanks to the considerable efforts of Mr. Charlie Knight and Mr. Glen Johnson - local farmers. The heated water has certainly made it easier for our swimmers to train. In fact I'm now thinking of creating a "Hot Springs type resort" for the elderly during the holidays on our campus - it is possible to raise the temperature of the water by one degree per hour!
The St. Francis' Pre-school classroom, designed by Mr. Whitcomb, is nearing completion and Springvale House have put up an Indoor Sports Stadium - it is a phased project and a very useful addition to the campus facilities. For these developments we owe a great deal to our Director of Administration, Mr. Lousada, and to Mr. Gilbert Masose and Mr. Mathias Dhliwayo. Those who visit our campus will agree it has never looked better - thanks to the concerted efforts of Mr. Masose.

I am very sad to be leaving Peterhouse Girls'. I love the campus. Sadly, for the girls I will meet up with you again when you come over to study at the Boys' School! There are many I would like to thank before leaving:
1. The girls - as I have said - "It is you who make Peterhouse Girls' Great". Continue to do that.
2. Jenny who always identifies and pinpoints what I really need to worry about. Among other things she runs the tuck shop, supervises the gardens and is responsible for any refurbishment at school.
3. Thank Sue Davies for her support - she is the most supportive Deputy Head anyone could wish for.
4. Thank Mrs. Helen Baxter-she has done so much for me over the years - she does so much for your daughters - always in such a dignified, efficient and caring way.
5. I would like to thank all staff for their support - they all work very hard to ensure that growth and development in your daughters takes place.
6. I would like to thank Mike Bawden and Graham Peebles - I wish Mike and Tiggy every happiness in their new life back in England. I have really enjoyed working with Mike - his will be a very hard act to follow. I look forward to continue working with Graham.
I would like to thank our Board of Governors, and in particular, Mr. and Mrs. John Carter for the continued confidence they have shown in me. Mr. Carter retires as Chairman of our Board of Governors - it is an honour, sir, to have you here today. Thank you for all you have done for Peterhouse Girls' over the years. And, finally, I would like to thank you, the parents, for your support over the years, and especially those parents who helped with today's ceremony - Mrs. Cook - your flowers are outstanding!
You are lucky to have someone like Mrs. Davidson as your Headmistress next year. I hope that she has as much fun and reaps the same reward that I have in the past eight years.

J B Calderwood Trophy
I have been privileged to be a part of the growth and development of the Springvale Campus during the past 17 years. I would like to leave behind something that will be a reminder of my association there. Trying to decide exactly what, wasn't easy.
A Head has to be impartial in his school to be effective. He must support and be seen to support every activity. In schools, people are passionate about what they do and they need recognition and reassurance to produce their best.

A Head's concern must be for the all round growth and development of each individual in his care. Although this is never easy, it is made easier by providing as many activities as possible in the school so that each individual has the opportunity to identify his or her strength. By encouraging individuals to concentrate on developing that strength - confidence is built - confidence is, I feel, a key to success in anyone's life.

I have always related well with those who find things difficult, but who, through their application, (their subsequent gaining in confidence), succeed in the end. I am, on occasion, frustrated by the teacher who only likes teaching the bright pupil - and who may have little time for the weaker ones - that teacher can cause a downward spiral in pupils - something difficult to reverse. I have the greatest respect for those who achieve against adversity. Each of us must strive against some sort of adversity, especially at this time in Zimbabwe. There are pupils, however, who have to strive against more than what might be considered fair. My trophy - you see it before you -may not be awarded every year, I want it awarded only those special people who have to contend with more than their fair share of adversity while at school. This year I would like to honour two girls for their courage. Both, contrary to expectations, write 'A' level this term, both in their fields have excelled and been examples to others. I have known the first since Grade 1. She has always had an aversion to water - especially at Springvale House - she was never comfortable in the swimming pool. This young lady became the Cox for our First Team that competed in the South African Rowing Championships. The second suffers from charkot-marie-tooth syndrome - she has had countless operations in her six years here. However, she plays the piano and flute and hopes to qualify to swim in the Special Olympics one day. I have never seen her down -never seen her beaten. Both have involved themselves fully in our school, seldom complaining, always determined - they have a special place in all of our hearts. I would be honoured if Nicola Dereham and Michelle Gargan would come up and be the first recipients of the J.B.Calderwood Trophy for Courage.

Martha Querl
I first met Martha at Rhodes University being the chivalrous sorts we are, Mr. Querl and I were given the responsibility of holding the rope around the drum majorettes as they marched on Rag Day. Mr. Querl picked his spot beside the most glamorous drum majorette and still holds on to that rope around Martha!
Martha was bom in Manchester and brought up in East London in South Africa. She excelled at athletics and High Jump, Synchronized Swimming and played goalkeeper for the Border Women's Hockey team. She sang in the choir and sang solo at Eisteddfods and weddings. She came to Zimbabwe in 1981 and taught at Nagle House from 1981 -1989 - part time from 1985. She coached at Marondera High where Mr. Querl taught. The Querls moved to Peterhouse in August 1986 - Mrs. Queri taught part-time at Springvale House, Nagle House and Peterhouse Girls'. She is a founder member of staff. She has put PHG on the map in terms of sporting performance. She teaches at Peterhouse and helps her husband there in his role as Sports Administrator.
I am naturally sad to see Mrs. Querl leave, but she leaves for the best of reasons - certainly Falcon's gain will be Peterhouse's loss -1 will now ask Mrs. Querl to present our prizes and then say a few words.

The area in which I have been involved with the Girls' School, has been in the field of Sport, teaching, coaching, administering and striving to keep the Girls' School on the Zimbabwe Schools Sporting map. This has certainly been the driving force for me that we should be competitive with the bigger established girls' schools in the country.
I will continue to watch your progress - girls - with much interest and pride. PH Girls are something special to me.
It thus follows that I should say a few words on the topic that has been my life at PHG for the past 15 years.

An all-round education is one which offers a well-balanced and diverse range of activities - academic, cultural and sporting. The experiences one has in a school environment can definitely prepare one for life after school. I am going to focus on the "Sporting" aspect of this all-round education.
Sporting experiences can help turn "ordinary" people into winners - both on and off the field. The learning of skills such as teamwork, commitment, self-control, focus, handling of success and disappointment can be achieved through these experiences.

To excel in anything - be it sport, a relationship or business - you must have a strong basic commitment to what you are trying to achieve. In the book "In Pursuit of Excellence" Terry Orlick says:
"A commitment to do the work is a prerequisite for excellence."
Everyone has a basic desire to achieve excellence and through sport this can sometimes be achieved in less time than in other life situations.It is also a basic human instinct that people wish to be sociable and be in groups with people of similar interests. Sport, through team events allows for this and can lead to strong social bonds and life-long friendships.

Another idea that relates to Sport in this present day is the high profile exposure that it gets through the media. It attracts the biggest crowds and is one of the largest money earners in the business world. These facts cannot be ignored and point strongly to the value that sport has in our world.
Away from the Philosophies of Sport -1 was always very fortunate to have great support from Mike Hammond initially and subsequently, Jon Calderwood - for which I thank them most sincerely.

One memory that I have from the early days is the way in which we operated the afternoon programme. There were 28 Form 1's and 3 Form Vs.
- When we had swimming they all swam
- When we had cross country -
they all ran Likewise when we played tennis and hockey, when we travelled for matches we fielded 2 junior teams with the remaining girls coming along as spectators.' All our matches were midweek and the transport was usually the old bus called the Oxo Cube. It certainly had its fair share of breakdowns on our trips. We have certainly come a long way since those early beginnings.

I can look back over the years with many memories - most of them happy but some disappointments and sadness as girls moved on. There have been many highlights - Golden Girls Semi-finals; Tours to Kenya and South Africa, Zimbabwe Representatives in a variety of sports, winning the League this year and the progress and individual performances in the swimming pool and on the Athletics Track. They are too numerous to mention. The experiences we have had together and the bonding and camaraderie that takes place within the teams and between staff is something unique. I would like to pay tribute to all the staff that I have worked with over the years.
I will continue to watch your progress - girls - with much interest and pride. PH Girls is something special to me.
In conclusion -1 would like to leave you with the final line from an anonymous poem:
"Winners are people like you and they make this a better place to be."

Well, this certainly has been an interesting year! As individuals and as a school we have had to face some very trying and difficult time I don't need to go into any details about. Our beautiful country and its people have endured many hardships of all kinds and this has forced us to grow up quickly in more ways than one. But through it all Peterhouse Girls has provided us with a safe, secure and constant environment that we can escape to from the restlessness of the outside world. Even if it is to be met by the pressures of 3 tests today, early morning swimming, persistent teachers, tiresome prefects, tasks and detentions!

Our year started off in the traditional fashion with the prefects going to Far and Wide for our team building and leadership course accompanied by Mr. Calderwood and Mrs Davies. This proved to be a lot of fun; swimming in the Mtarazi at 6.00 every morning, jumping off a 72m rock with only a piece of rope for support and running around the Honde Valley bush getting lost! We also learnt some rather useful lessons from Mr. Calderwood and his white water rafting crew on how not to capsize your raft or get it stuck on the rocks in the middle of a rapid!

What is the point of all that? one might ask. We came back more focused as a team, knowing more about each other, our capabilities, ourselves and being better able to problem solve as a group.
Thus prepared, or so we thought, we plunged into what proved to be a very eventful year ahead! The girls were amazing in every way. Not only excelling academically, culturally and on the sports field, but in their care and companionship (most of the time) for one another. Strong and lasting bonds have been made and the amount of courage and determination amongst the girls has been unbelievable.

Our Athletics team has come away now with the "crown" for the 12th consecutive year and our hockey teams all together from under 14 to 1st team levels have won the inter-schools A league pool for the first time ever. These are to name but a few of the all round outstanding performances this year.
I recently spoke to a young man, who had not had the opportunity to go school. He said to me that if there was one thing in life he could wish for, it would be that he could have an education. So, Ladies remember how privileged you are that your parents care enough and are financially able to send you to a school of such high standards as this one.

I am sure you are all proud to be a part of Peterhouse Girls, as I am, just as I have been honoured to have been your head girl this year. It is due to the input and dedication of each and every one of you and of the staff that this school is what it is today. And it is that which I feel proud to be a part of! I feel we are truly a family at Peterhouse Girls. Here is a saying that I feel is apt not only for our school but also for our family lives. "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's lives. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof".

Sadly, we will say goodbye, at the end of this term to several members of our staff body. On behalf of the girls, I'd like to make special mention of Mrs. Querl, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Mr. Calderwood. Mrs. Querl, our guest of honour today, has been with Peterhouse Girls since it started 15 years ago! She has done an incredible amount on the sporting side of the school and has been largely responsible for the smooth running of sports events during this time. She has taught at the boys' school, a task in itself, and has also been the administrator for the 5th and 6th Form girls on this side of the road; another tricky task! Mrs. Querl, we owe all our sporting successes to your dedication and expertise. Thank you; your absence will be greatly felt.

Mr. Nicholas, since he arrived here and was appointed choirmaster 8 years ago, the choir and music in the school has gone from strength to strength. Mr. Nicholas certainly has a great passion for what he does and this shows in the quality of work produced by budding musicians who've been under his tuition! I'm sure you'll agree with me after you have heard the choir perform at the end of our speech day. Mrs. Nicholas, Miss Haskins when she arrived here one year before Mr. Nicholas did, has always been an inspiration and uplifting presence in and around the school. Her lively enthusiasm in the classroom has always been well received and largely responsible for the many successful English results over the years. All the best to both of you for the future.

And finally to Mr. Calderwood. Sir, for myself and for some of my fellow 6th Formers, this is a farewell after 11 years of having had you as our headmaster. Who else has been so lucky as to end up at senior school, only to find their junior school headmaster sitting waiting for them! Thank goodness most of us are leaving the country for university!
In the 8 years that Mr. Calderwood has been at Peterhouse Girls, the school has achieved nothing but higher standards, a good reputation, dedicated staff under his guidance and of course, wonderful girls! I've learnt this year, that only once you have a position of responsibility can you actually get a true idea of what the job entails, and I don't think any of us can actually fully understand what exactly it is that Mr. Calderwood does. Believe it or not, he F cares a great deal for each and every one of us and does everything in his power to ensure our safety and well being, most of the time to much of our frustration and annoyance, but Sir, we know you have our best interests at heart!
The loss of Mr. and Mrs. Calderwood from the Girls school is going to be greatly felt, but I fear his impact on the boys' school will be even more greatly felt. But Ladies, don't forget he'll still be nearby and keeping a close watch on you. Mr. Calderwood has eyes everywhere! Sir, its been an honour working with you for your final year here and we wish you all the very best in your new post as Rector of Peterhouse.

We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Davidson who will be taking over the Girls School next year and we can be assured that the same high standards of the past will be maintained. But there's just one more thing that I would like to say before I move on. Sir, after having lived on the same campus as you for 13 years, I still haven't quite managed to work out your sense of humour!

To end off with I would just like to share with you a short tale. There were once two frogs that fell into a bowl of cream together. "Oh no," they thought, "How are we going to get out of this mess?" They swam slowly around the bowl for a while until the one frog said to the other, "This is no use, we are just going round in circles and are going to die soon anyway." And then subsequently gave up and died. The other frog thought to himself, 1 might as well keep going around ffi circles until I die. I've got nothing better to do!" So he started swimming and then no sooner did he know it, he was siting at the top of the bowl of cream and was able to hop out and carry on his way. Without even realising it, this frog had "whipped" up the cream by swimming round and round; in what he thought, were pointless circles, but in the end he had got himself out his predicament just by not giving up. So, remember the two frogs next time you find yourself in a situation where you think there's no way out. Just keep stirring it! We conquer by continuing!

All that remains now is for me to say to the 6th Form; you are wonderful. No one else may think so, but I do! I wish I could mention you all by name, but that would take too long, I know what you all have been for each other and me over the past few years and no one can ever take that away from us. To all the prefects, thank you all for everything, I've loved working with you, you have done an outstanding job this year and it has not been an easy one! And to Francie Travers, my deputy, thank you most of all for your advice and friendship throughout the year. You have been a tremendous support without even realising it. To all of you, I've had special moments, in more ways than one, with each and every one of you and I'm grateful for all of those. Go for it out there in the big wide world and remember, "You only gain as much out of something as you put into it!" So start stoking those fires because we've got a long journey ahead of us.

I just hope that you all remember where your roots are and that some day, some of you at least, will return here to help put back into this country some of what it has given us in so many areas. And Ladies, "We may live in the world, but the world does not live in us"
To next year's prefects, all I have to say is good luck and remember, 'it's a reward, a challenge and a privilege to be a contributing member of a team."
And a final thought to leave you with in these trying times, to help us focus on the many good things in our lives, "An attitude of gratitude can make your life a beatitude", which I'm sure will apply from this second as I end my speech.

Eland House
In the first term Eland started off on a very good note by winning the Inter-house Athletics Relays for the first time in 8 years! Those who didn't compete also showed great house spirit. Sadly we didn't perform quite so well in the cross-country - no one's favourite sport, but our girls did their best.
House plays were also held in the first term, and we were awarded 2nd for technical production; and Yevedzo Chitiga and Tendai Mufunda were runners up to best actress and best cameo respectively for their parts.

Eland managed to win the Buckland Arts competition again this year in the 2nd term, with Tamsyn Bennett being awarded the Buckland Trophy for the most participation points. Eland also won the Inter- house Quiz and our junior team distinguished themselves. We came 2nd overall in the Public Speaking, Krystal Arnott won the juniors and Rachel Moore won the Middle Section.

Inter-house basketball and hockey were also played in the 2nd term. Our girls played well and managed to come 2nd in basketball, but sadly we lost the hockey, despite admirable efforts made by the girls (many who claim to have never even seen a hockey stick!).
Eland have been involved in running a craft class for disabled children at Nyameni Primary School, but gave that up in the 2nd term, and are now involved with the nursery school children in the St. Francis Village.

Throughout the year the Eland girls may not have won everything or done particularly well in everything, but what we lack in sporting and cultural expertise we certainly make up for with house spirit. All our successes are
celebrated and all our failures dealt with, with a smile and well done for trying. So, a very big well done to everyone for their enormous efforts that they have put in this year and best of luck for next year.
"Quitters never win Winners never quit"
V. Sweatman

Impala House
"No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent." Eleanor Roosevelt. This is the quotation we started with at the beginning of the year and it continued to be our motto throughout the year.
Throughout the first term we collected items (newspapers, cotton wool, disinfectant etc) for S.P.C.A, who much appreciated the donations. We would like to thank Mrs. B. Loxton for kindly collecting and distributing these collections.
Hospital visits this year have been fairly difficult to organise due to the fuel crisis in the country, although we did manage to go a couple of times a term and bring smiles to the children's faces.

The D block continued throughout the year to raise money for shoe cleaning. The C block started a new project with Mrs. Gibson, taking care of the livestock. These both proved to be very successful and raised a fair amount of money for the house.
Mutinta Shaba made a new outstanding record at the inter house cross-country and we came first overall in this event. The Interhouse Athletics was another great success with lots of records broken and races won with Impala, coming out on top again. The standards competitions was a great success as our girls put all they had into it and we won this competition, followed by a second place at the [nterhouse Relays, being beaten by Eland.
Special mention is made of Tessa iallance in the production "Wedding crisis" for the Interhouse Drama and Sarah Clark was awarded Best Cameo after Impala was positioned second overall.

We had victories in both the Interhouse hockey and basketball, thanks to Fungai Mugari and Nyarai enha. Then our girls were placed second in the Interhouse Quiz after most enjoyable evening. In the 3rd term, all 3 houses combined in charity to help the newly established St. Francis Nursery School, to provide them with tea and sandwiches at their breaktime.
The tennis and squash matches were both played well and enjoyed by the girls. Volleyball was a victory too!
Lastly the Interhouse Swimming Gala, my thanks to Mandy Bosman for co-ordinating the team and ensuring the great success that it was. we swam with ttrue Impala spirit and were placed second behind Sable.
Now, to the next house captain, I wish you all the best and may you make your year just as successful as 2001 has been. To Tafadzwa Muchopa and the rest of 6th form, I thank you for all your dedication and support and last but certainly not least to Mrs Chiremba for all her involvement and co-ordination of the house activities.
Lara Mordt

Sable House
It has become a tradition for Sable to find itself leading the pack, so this year has been no exception, but it would not have been possible without the guidance of our ever encouraging house proctor Mr. Munjoma, Tammy Coughlan and last but most certainly not least, the girls of Sable House, whose house spirit and commitment were never found wanting.

Sable House tried hard in most aspects this year in the cultural, academic and sporting arena. The Interhouse Drama competition early in the year saw Sable House receiving Best production and Best Technical Production accolades. Jenna Hunter received the Best Actress Award. The production, "A Country Rebel," was produced and directed by Anesu Mhlanga. Sadly our performance in the Inter-house Quiz competition was not as encouraging as the Drama, as we were placed 3rd.
In sport. Sable started on a high note by winning the Inter-house cross- country, the Inter-house Athletics and the overall Pentathlon trophy. Our senior hockey players have certainly led by example and thrived in the Interhouse competition - or maybe it was just the cake that motivated them. Full colours were awarded to Tallent Hacking for Tennis, Nicole Grey for swimming and Cecilia Midzi for Athletics and Basketball. Squash and Tennis results also proved to be in our favour.

Our culture in Sable House is to cultivate a sense of charity among the girls and as usual we supported St. Francis, placing emphasis on the nursery school to which the girls made regular visits at break times with tea and sandwiches for the children. Our Nursery fund was renewed and clothing donations were made to some children in Marondera.
This was undoubtedly a successful year for us. I would like to thank the sixth formers for their support with the organisation of sports teams and cultural events. I am most certainly proud to have been a member of this house.
Anesu Mhlanga

A great deal has happened over the last twelve months, both spiritually and in the building itself. It was found to be almost impossible to seat the whole school together for particular services until two sections were added either side of the altar, which provided the much needed extra room. Additional pews were also added. Recently a mobile altar has been introduced, allowing the celebrant to face the congregation, keeping up with the modern liturgy. It was necessary to extend the Plinth within the Sanctuary in order to accommodate the new change. All of these additions have been carried out with care and sensitivity, enhancing the aesthetic look of the Chapel.
It was with great delight that the newly acquired Stations of the Cross were dedicated. Our most grateful thanks go to Mrs Avril Pratt for producing such a 'Masterpiece', to Mr Bill Pingstone for making the wooden frames and to Mr Adam Burgess for 'firing' them at the appropriate time. The stations of the Cross will give many generations to come instruction and a reminder of Christ's suffering for us.

Spiritually the feeling is one of humility and strength, the accent being on prayer, particularly for the country. A service uniting all Independent Schools throughout Zimbabwe was produced and organised recently by Lindsay Wells (Head Girl).
On a different note, we will be sad to see the departure of Mr Keith Nicholas who is going to Australia with Nicola and family. Keith has been a tower of strength in the Chapel, not only for playing for every service but also for his training of the choir. His participation in the planning of the alterations is also greatly appreciated. We wish the Nicholas' family every Blessing in their new venture.

My thanks to Mr Calderwood for his energetic drive in his work in the Chapel and for his sympathetic approach towards the general worship within the school; his interest has been most encouraging.
Thanks also to Mrs Carol Gibson for coaching the readers in such a reliable manner and thanks to the readers over the year.
This year thirty- four girls were confirmed by the Bishorp of Harare.
One can hope and pray that the girls, especially the leavers, will always remember with comfort and affection their time spent in the chapel.
May God guide and protect all who go and direct all who continue to come.

The year has been relatively quiet in comparison to previous years. We started the year off well by attaining 1st grades in both the Chapel Choir and Senior Girls' Choirs sections in the Eisteddfod. We were only two points away from winning the cup in the Chapel section for the second year running! The junior choir also did well to achieve a 2nd grade in their section. Well done girls, keep working at it!
In the second term we combined with the boys' choir to sing at the evensong service, which ended off one of the most successful Festival weekends PeterHouse has produced. The sound of sweet music certainly rang out through the chapel that evening. The junior choir sang this year at the Three Choirs' Festival and did extremely well in helping to make the event the success it always is.

The third term saw us preparing for speech day with lots of 'rhythm',which we eventually mastered. We also sang at yet another entertaining and pleasant soiree, which ended off the year on a very 'traditional' note.
Our thanks to Ms. Osborne, our faithful pianist, who never fails us and whom we could not do without! Thanks also to Tazi Makwavarara, deputy head chorister, for all her support, hard work and dedication throughout the year.

It's with much sadness that Mr. Nicholas leaves us at the end of this year. He has spent invaluable years with us here at Peterhouse Girls, and the success of music and the choir owes it all to him. We have been so lucky to have had such a talented, dedicated and devoted choir master who loves what he does so whole- heatedly (most of the time anyway). Mr. Nicholas, we are very sad to see you go and will miss your input tremendously. We wish you and your young family all the best in your new life in Australia.
Lindsay Wells - Head Chorister

After its official opening last year, the library came into operation this year under the watchful eye of Mr. Jameson Toma. Good use has been made of the facilities, both during class time and in the afternoons. We were pleased to be allocated 5 new computers for the computer room which have proved very popular, particularly with the Form Ones playing games. "Expensive toy", as Mr. Calderwood says, but hopefully also a valuable tool. A typing course has been loaded onto each to help with typing skills. We have also started a limited e-mail facility. During the course of the year a large number of books and magazines have been donated, and we are very grateful as the cost of books continues to escalate, and availability to decline. Despite these problems we have accessioned over 600 new titles into the library this year, and the stock room contains many new ones for the coming year.

In the first term we hosted a one- day library workshop, attended by 15 school librarians from around the country. The new library was greatly admired and it was useful to swop ideas and discuss problems. We hope this workshop will become an annual event, but at a different library each time.
Several girls each term have helped in the library clubs, notably Stephanie Marx and Rumbi Manyere, and I have always been able to call in Tammy Nel and Claire Holman for assistance when necessary. Their help has been greatly appreciated.

Scripture Union
This year, scripture union has grown from strength to strength. God has richly blessed us this term and we witnessed two miracles this year. Two men were completely healed from cancer: Praise be to God.
We had many speakers from Harare who spoke to us during the course of the year. The girls seemed to enjoy the meetings and our attendance was much higher than in previous years.

We interacted more with other schools such as Watershed and Peterhouse and learnt a lot from each other. We are grateful for the support we received from Mr Calderwood and the kitchen, who provided us with tea every Friday.
Under the guidance of Mrs Munjoma and Mrs Masawi, we achieved most of our aims together with the committee, they helped to make Scripture Union the success it was this term.
Timisella Zunguze

Kukura Neshungu
As each term passed by, we found that we had more Peterhouse Girls opting to join the club, which increased our number to 16 girls. In turn, the Kukura neShungu girls also increased to 8 girls and with that, our interaction with them has gone from strength to strength.
This year our activities have ranged from playing sport to watching videos and playing various games with popcorn. The latter included making popcorn necklaces, which drew a lot of enthusiasm from the girls.

A specialty of this year was that we managed to celebrate the birthdays of the Kukura neShungu girls that we knew, in our own special way. This made the girls more excited about coming for sessions every Tuesday.
The highlight of the year was a braai that we had for the girls. The Peterhouse Girls' club raised money, contributed goods and thanks to Mrs. Fantiso, we were allowed to use her house for the braai. It was very successful and the Peterhouse Girls learnt a lot about "braaing' and not "burning" meat, and a lot of dancing skills from our Kukura neShungu girls.
To Mrs. Fantiso, thank you for your efforts, patience and commitment. Peterhouse Girls' Club, I urge you to keep up the good work and remember; the best form of charity is through interaction and not donation alone.
Nyarai Tenha

Senior Debating
Despite the fuel shortages, we managed to organise some exciting and stimulating debates. Amongst the best were those with St. George's, St. John's and Chisipite in which we were joined by Peterhouse boys. Unlike previous debates, the topics were related to current affairs e.g. the July Aids Conference, the summit on racism and the terrorist attacks on the USA.
Under the guidance of Mrs. Davidson, debate has gone from strength to strength each term, with increasing enthusiasm from the girls and a wider range of speakers than usual. Special thanks to the Vice- president Claire Holman and Secretary Ruwimbo Nyakatawa for their input during the year and to the members themselves for their support.

In the first term, drama was an in-house activity involving the annual house play competition and two junior drama productions. An interesting selection of plays was offered this year. Impala chose a play describing the family stresses on the marriage of a daughter's wedding. Eland picked a more horticultural theme, also dealing with interpersonal relationships, and Sable's play showed the audience how to buck a system successfully.

"Wedding Crisis" produced for Impala by Lara Mordt, Christine Seaman and Claire Holman showed a lot of movement on a rather cluttered stage and at times the actresses were lost behind the props plays or furniture required for the set. However, there were some good performances from the cast and Sarah Clark, as the brattish child next door, won the award of the best Cameo Role. The play "a Lovesome Thing" produced by Tammy Nel and Rujeko Jena for Eland, is set in the garden of a local stately home, where a plague of would be helpers arrives to assist Lody Fairbrother maintain her garden while her gardener is unwell. There was scope for a wide range of character parts amongst the village ladies who wreak havoc in their well intended but disastrous efforts. Both Yevedzo Chitiga as the organising Mrs Baxter, and Tendai Mufunda, as the stable hand, were commended on their perfomances and received runner up awards. "A Country Rebel", produced for Sable by Anesu Mhlanga, had a smaller cast, but with the main parts whose dialect and character had to be sustained longer and keep the audience's attention through large passages of dialogue. It was also a rather static play, but Jena Hunter as Gran Twitchett and Hannah Mitchell as her daughter used the stage to good effect especially in Gran's demonstration of how she had convinced its workhouse assessor, Lucy Mitchell, of her assumed madness. Sable was fortunate to have experienced actresses and producer for such a difficult play and deservedly picked up most of the awards; Jena Hunter for Best Actress, the best technical production and best overall production.

At this point I should like to record my thanks to Dr and Mrs W. Moore and Mr and Mrs P. Laing for their generous donation of the trophies to this event; the Gibson Trophy for the Best Actress, the Moore Trophy for the best Cameo Role/Supporting Actress, Laing Trophy for Best Technical Production, the original Baxter trophy and the Best Overall production. Actresses at Peterhouse feel well rewarded for their dramatic efforts.daptation of a mediaeval morality play, " Noah's Ark". A well balanced cast enjoyed the period costumes and circumstantial denouement of "Hunt the Frenchman". Megan Odendal made a convincingly distracted Mother, and Chipo Gumbie a chair-bound, but domineering grandmother, supported by Nyasha Bimha and Danielle Marx as the daughters, Rumbi Manyere as the formidable aunt, and Eunice Denenga was the maid. Storm Kent had the main role of Noah, a difficult role to learn as it was all spoken in middle English with unfamiliar pronunciation, and was supported by a cast of family, and "animals" in self made masks who doubled as members of the godless crowd.
In the second term twenty nine girls were involved in the production of "Grease" for the Peterhouse festival, as principals, chorus or dancers. In addition several of the seniors were ancillary to the production as usherettes, scene painters, props makers, and costume seamstresses. A few girls also took part in the French play "Le Medecin Malgre Lui", another Festival production. Details of the plays will be found elsewhere in the magazine.
Finally the girls school was well represented in the junior end of The Magical Voyage of Ulysses, aso written up elsewhere in the magazine.

Fashion and Fabrics Clubs
The Fashion and Fabrics Club has produced many impressive garments and embroidered articles this year. Many of these items were displayed during the Peterhouse Festival and the Open Day, while many others were entered into the Buckland Interhouse Arts competition.
This club has continued to be very popular, with two senior sewing sessions, two junior sewing sessions and one embroidery session for all age groups. Many girls enjoyed working in the relaxed atmosphere of the fashion and fabrics room, including D Block girls who were learning how to sew and A Block girls who needed more time to finish their '0' level garments.
Mrs. Chiremba has devoted much of her time to this club and thanks to her patience, guidance and encouragement, the fashion and fabrics club has continued to thrive.

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