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1963 Bicolour

Who remembers Bicolour?


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1967 Mlanje Expedition

David Bruno (Staff 64-70) who was the Assistant Chaplain, House Tutor in Grinham, the leader of successful expeditions to Mlanje and ran squash with great effect, was Dean of St George's Cathedral, Windhoek in the '80s after working with the Church of Scotland.

The idea was born, 1 suppose, many years ago with the reading of "Venture into the Interior" by Laurens van der Post. But it had lain deep in the sub-conscious so that, even when that idea began to take shape, and one saw the first sight of the large bulk that was Mlanje Mountain viewed from Zomba's distant plateau at Christmas time--the memory of the original thought had gone.

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1967 Makarikari Expedition

"Come on, get organized! Move, but quick sharp!" Thus our Leader frequently exhorted us and suited his own actions to the words. And so did we,-or at least some of us.

Jim Dalton, our highly efficient Q.M., "Yeish" Glover, mechanic and handy-man; Gus MacLaurin, getting on quietly with whatever job needed doing; "Duddles" Dudley, shooting a black mamba smack in the head before most of us found time to grab a gun; Malcolm Smale, perhaps not so quick, but leading his group with infinite patience in perfect textbook formation on their shooting trips. And so I could go on with the list, but let it suffice to say that the boys had the right spirit.

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1967 From the Magazine

1967 was dominated by the retirement of Fred Snell. His successor Bruce Fieldsend spent the year at a number of leading public schools in England and predictably no major initiatives were undertaken. A Soccer First XI was established and a ground allocated to the sport for the first time.

It was a happy year but ominously the Zambian Government stopped direct flights between Salisbury and Lusaka. This started the process whereby the Zambian students - who made up almost a third of the total - had to travel by bus and finally ceased attending during the "lean years" .

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1967 Speech Day


My friends,

In starting thus rather than with the traditional formulae I claim the privilege of age and impending departure. Also I believe that both words are true of the majority of the people here this afternoon, and at least that you are all friends of Peterhouse. Mr. Oppenheimer stood last on this dais in 1959 at our third Speech Day. He is one who always has something significant to say, and we are pleased and honoured that he should have consented to come to us again. This oration is officially known as the Rector's Report so I must do something to justify the title.

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