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Staff News


SisterJoan SandallSRN (Staff 84-96) A Petrean parent, Joan not only ran the San with some style for over a decade, but also the Garden Committee; and that through a number of drought years. While ever quick to spot the malingerer, Joan inspired confidence in boys and parents alike. She was a hard act to follow. Joan's husbandRogerwas the Estate Manager in the early '80s and they retired to Marondera. Roger died in 2000, but Joan continued to be involved in the organisation and running of the school gardens and nursery. She had moved to Harare in 2011 after leaving Marondera district after 30 years.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SimonandMichelle Scott-Elliot(Staff 03 - 11) taught at Hillcrest, but spent 2002 in England and New Zealand. Simon taught History and English, and was a Hockey and Cricket Coach while Michelle taught Geography and science subjects. Simon took over as Housemaster of Snell in 2006. Simon has been appointed Deputy Headmaster of Ruzawi from 2012 but Michelle will stay on to teach in the Science Department. Michelle is now the Director of Studies at Peterhouse Girls.

Julianne Seaman(PHG96 and Staff12 to present) graduated with a BA in French and Tourism from Oxford Brookes University. She worked in Victoria Falls and Harare co-ordinating a cruise boat on the Zambezi then moved in 2004 to the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. She came back to teach French and Travel and Tourism in 2011. Julianne left the Group in 2016

Godfrey Sellers(Staff 56-57) the first Director of Music, retired as Director of Music at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, UK in 1979 to become a lecturer in music at Nottingham University.

Pippa Sex(Staff 97-99) who was Head of Geography, a house tutor and coached various sports is now teaching at Queenswood School, Hatfield, Herts.

David "Thumby" Shaw(Staff 74 - 05) who was Director of Studies and a gifted physics and electronics teacher is now at Kingswood in Grahamstown.

Marionelle Shaw(Staff11 to present) joined us from teaching history in South Africa and to teach History. She is a key member of our sports department and Christian Fellowship.

Andrew (E87) and Sarah Shoesmith nee Lewis (S90) both loyal Petreans! SHOESMITH ANDREW SmallSHOESMITH SARAH Small Sarah returned to teach at Peterhouse in 2008, a passionate an animated teacher of sciences, Sarah also takes annual expeditions to very exciting places including 24 pupils to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in 2011 and then 24 pupils to the base camp of Mt Everest, Nepal in 2014 as well as Batoko Gorge White Water Rafting and sailing across Kariba. Sarah is now the Director of Extra Curricular Activities for Peterhouse and the the coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. She will take over as the Director of the Infinity Programme when Andrew departs.Andrew took over as housemaster of Tinokura in 2012, (thereby enabling him to join Sarah’s amazing Expeditions) and was later promoted to become the first formally appointed Deputy Headmaster of Peterhouse Boys in 2016; Andrew also ran and initiated the Infinity Programme at Peterhouse. He will be moving on to run Outward Bound Zimbabwe from January 2018.

Kate Sigsworth(Staff 04 -05) taught Secretarial Practice and established Tourism and Travel as an 'A' level subject. She was reported in 2007 to be married toAdam Burgess.

Audrey Simpson(Staff 61-74) who ran the accounts and the Peterhouse Provident Fund with great dedication and efficiency for 13 years, died in Marondera in 1980.

Grant Sinclair(P84-04) after teaching at St George's and a spell in business, has taught on the Peterhouse staff for years along with his wifeKate, whose acclaimed musical productions have includingAli Baba and the Forty ThievesandSongs from the Shows. Hetook over as Housemaster of Malvern in 2000 but sadly left at the end of 2004 for New Zealand. They live in Blenheim.

Sandy Singleton(Staff 64-83) Peterhouse was privileged to have Sandy Singleton both in the class room, as careers master and as its cricket coach for the 20 years to his retirement in 1983 and is is with great sadness that we record his death in March 1999. Sandy was all round cricketer of immense talent and a shrewd and charismatic leader, captaining Shrewsbury, Oxford University, Worcester and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) in a wonderful career. Sandy was involved in a broad range of activities at the school and is pictured in action at the Engineering Club. He spent his retirement in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia following the cricket on TV and telling everyone how the "pyjama game" had spoilt the finer points of real Test Cricket, until he was cruelly been afflicted with Alzheimer's. Sandy's was a lifetime of great achievement, which he never flaunted as most men would have. In his years at Peterhouse he had a profound influence on many boys and was instrumental in establishing the school's sporting tradition and sense of competitive fair play. See theobituaryfrom "The Daily Telegraph" and a tribute to Sandy in theNostalgia Page.

Polly Singleton(Staff 64-83) who celebrated her 80th birthday in 1996 by doing a tandem parachute jump for reasons best known to herself, lived in retirement in Wagga Wagga surrounded by her family and painting. She sadly died of liver cancer in October 2001.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lesley Smith(Staff 91-93) who taught piano and violin to members of all three schools and ran the orchestra, was last sighted heading for that well-known employer of ex-Peterhouse staff, the International School in Bophutatswana.

FredandMargaret Snell(Staff 54-67)had an active retirement, latterly atBorradaile Trust in Marondera. Fred died in May 1991 - see the tribute to him inNostalgia.In his retirement he was involved with Bernard Mizeki College and the Shrine and active in Anglican church affairs and they continued to use Giant's Castle during the War years. Margaret, who was a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford taught Biology and other subjects at Peterhouse, died in 1995.

Tongayi Songoreis Deputy Housemaster of Snell, Head of History and runs the basketball to great effect. Pictured right withNorman JanuaryandTerence Msukuat the 1998 Speech Day.

Billy St John Billy joined the group of schools in 2008 as the director of music, Billy has produced fantastic musicals namely AIDA and Sister Act the musical. Saldy Billy leaves us in October of 2018 to further his studies in his Masters in Music - Australia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Catherine "Cabby" Stirling
(PHG02 -present) is the PHG Head of Music. She is a talented violinist and has quickly become immersed in the musical life of the three schools.

CanonAnthony Stidolph(Staff 2010 - present) is the Chaplain.

Sam Stoyle(Staff 60-62) who taught French at Peterhouse and was a most fantastic jazz pianist, went on to be Headmaster of the International School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

RobertandChris Strawson(Staff 88) Robert is Head of the Physics Department at Abingdon School, and Chris is teaching at King Alfred's School, Wantage.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Val Sutherland(Staff 80-81) ran the laundry for some years. She was very much into the occult or super-natural world. Just as the beautifully ironed laundry was always whiter that white, on occasions her staff certainly were!

Catherine Swanepoel(Staff 02-03) started her teaching career at PHG and hardly paused for breath! She was a great asset to the Science Department and coached tennis, hockey and athletics with success and dedication. She was last sighted heading overseas to travel for a year.