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Sandi {Macrae} Ogilvie(PHG87 and Staff) who was one of the PHG founders, marriedRussel Ogilvie.She worked for a year in the UK then returned to help out at the then very fast growing PHG as a sports coach /housemistress. They live in Yeppoon, Queensland and have two children.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

RevA W McCaywho was the Assistant Chaplain in the mid '60s died in 1997.

Gareth Machin(Staff 91-92) taught maths and coached cricket and hockey for a year after university and played cricket for Wedza. He worked in Cambridge, moved to Spain for a couple of years and was back in Cambridge in 2005 teaching at a sixth form college.

Vision Magodora(Staff 05 to present) joined us fresh from Africa University to teach Mathematics.

David Makwindi(Staff 89-02)sadly leftat the end of the 2002 second term.David(pictured right in 1992) was Housemaster of Founders and taught Maths and Geography and ran the Tuckshop for a number of years. He has moved to Marondera to be involved in church work. Thankfully, his wife,Lucy, who is Head of Shona and Head of Divinity, is still teaching here.

Godfrey Masanga(Staff 11 to present)was previously Head of Art at Hillcrest College.

Nyasha Muzanenhamo(Staff 11 to present) teaches French.

Anne Mackenzie(Staff 92-99) teaches at Trent College, England where she had taught earlier on a year's exchange. She taught English and History, was an assistant housemaster in Malvern and coached hockey and swimming.

Anthony "Buzz" Mallett(Staff 57-62) of the quite unique commitment, voice (an indecypherable growl) and teaching style (flying blackboard rubbers and umbrellas hurled on entry into the classroom with considerable violence and unerring accuracy into rubbish bins) died of cancer in 1994 aged 70. He andViviennecame to Peterhouse in January 1957. Anthony taught English (Head of Department) and Latin; was in charge of cricket and squash; produced plays and acted in staff plays (who can forgetSomniathe operetta which he wrote in a single night withCharles Fisher?); became Housemaster of Ellis in 1959 and Senior Master in 1961. He was Principal of Bishop's for 19 years and we are pleased to report that his introduction of bicolour there is not what he is now remembered for. Time obviously heals, since he is now widely regarded as one of South Africa's most influential headmasters of all time. Anthony was a quite exceptional sportsman. He played cricket for Kent and England and toured Canada with the MCC, won blues for cricket, squash and table tennis at Oxford and played squash for Rhodesia. Mention must be made of Anthony the spectator. Always anxious to be part of the action, he never let anyone in doubt either of his presence or of his fervent loyalties. On honeymoon in Scotland he was within an ace of going on to the field to show the brawny Scots laddies how to toss the caber at the Highland Games! He is pictured right watching house matches at Bishop's. His sonNickwas the Springboks' rugby coach.

Anthony Mallett's oldest daughter,Jenny Mallett, died in April 1999 from a heart attack after deep sea diving. She was a Headmistress in Cape Town and unmarried. There was a fine tribute to her from her brother Nick ( ex SA Rugby coach) in the Cape Town paper. She was only 48 and our deepest sympathy toVivienne.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patience Mansfieldretired as Housemaster of Ellis in 1999 after 8 years and is in charge of Careers and remains a vital member of the PHB staff.

Richard "Pot" Marriott(Staff 83-92) read Philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin, then worked for Anglia Television. This left a taste for the performing arts and he andJunewere regular members of the Choral Society and Richard made a menacing Bill Sykes inOliver. His reputation for unflappability was enhanced when he did not flinch when two of the cast ofHadrian VII, his 1984 entry to the Drama Festival, were expelled days before the opening night. Richard established rowing at Peterhouse and was Head of the Maths Department and Housemaster of Malvern. He is back at Emmanuel School, London from whence he came and where he is also in charge of rowing and Head of Maths. Richard's nickname "Pot" stemmed from his occasionally bloodshot eyes that provoked wild speculation about substance abuse! In truth he had trouble with his contact lenses, something he put to excellent tactical advantage on the squash court.

RevdGeorge Martin(Staff 61-90 : 03 - 11) taught at Peterhouse for a total of 37 years. He left for 13 when he founded Lendy Park School, Marondera and was its first Headmaster. He then taught at Watershed College for a couple of years before returning to Peterhouse. He coached hockey, cricket and athletics and was vital to the life of the chapel.

Mac Mason(Geography Staff 58-61) died in Australia in 1996, but his wifeEileen(who was Fred Snell's secretary,Mrs Hathaway, until she went to UK to marry Mac in 1965) is still living at Tweed Heads, New South Wales. After a brief interlude in New Zealand Mac was Director of Studies at Millfield School in England (1963 to 1972) and Assistant Mother Superior atMarymount before retiring to Australia.

Eric Matambo(Staff 06-07) who taught English and History, is Warden of Cory House Warden at Rhodes University.

Trupati Mehta(Staff 93-96) taught Biology and was a house tutor in Founders. Multi-talented and tremendous fun, she found time to take part in a Miss India Competition in Harare, which she nearly won, and was notable for her curries for Common Room suppers and reading palms. Having grown up in Marondera and studied at UZ, she decided it was time to move on and head for England.

Alan Megahey(Staff 84-94) the third Rector sadly died in 2011 after a short but brave battle with cancer of the pancreas. Dr Megahey was Rector of Peterhouse from January 1984 to December 1993. He was a man of great vision and energy who was relentless and untiring in his efforts to realise his goals. He had great ideas and his appointment ensured the very successful transition of Peterhouse as a school into Zimbabwe. His enthusiasm was infectious and was responsible for so many positive changes and innovations. It was he who negotiated successfully with the Ministry of Education to ensure the reopening of Springvale which led to the creation of Tinokura, Peterhouse Girls' School and the evolution of the Peterhouse Group of Schools. Other changes and innovations included the revamp of the Library; the Carrington Design Centre; the first Computer Room; the Cafeteria system at meals; the School Festival; there were many many more. He was a man of great faith and was dedicated to the mission of the church. Since leaving Peterhouse he remained an active and supportive member of the Board of Governors. His vision of a new stained glass window became a reality in 2005. His book, A School in Africahas become the official history of Peterhouse. One leaving Peterhouse he was the Chaplain at Uppingham School, but after 33 years' schoolmastering in 2001 became Rural Rector of Brant Broughton, Welbourn and Ledenham . SeeNostalgiafor a fuller assesssment of theMegahey Decade. He was an author of note and his biography of Sir Humphrey Gibbs and hisThe Irish Protestant Churches in the Twentieth Centurywere well received. His brilliant, witty and insightful official history of PeterhouseA School in Africawas launched in splendid style at Rhodes House, Oxford.

Ian Menzies(Staff 81-93) who was Head of Modern Languages, is headmaster of the Collège du Léman International School in Geneva , Switzerland. He andEmmanuellestill own Nantambwe Farm next to the school and travel out frequently to keep an eye on their cattle there. Their sonsNeil(F93) andAlistair(F94) are based in Europe.

Bob Merchant(Staff 91-99) taught mathematics and history, was housemaster of Malvern (93 -99) and coached rugby and cricket. He and Pauline left for St John's College in Harare, then to Maidstone Grammar School, UK in 2003. They moved to New Zealand in June 2005.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dirk Meyer(E00 and Staff 04-05) graduated from Rhodes, did a stint in the USA before teaching at Peterhouse for 5 terms. In 2007 he wrote:"I am now dodging bullets in Johannesburg working for a Cross Border Freight company. I also got engaged to Alana Clinton (ex Arundel) in 2007. We plan to get married next year sometime".

DrJames Milford(Staff 66) joined a new Department of Meteorology in the University of Reading (UK) on leaving Peterhouse. Promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1970, he worked there until 1994, developing special interests in boundary layer meteorology, remote sensing and agricultural meteorology. Research and teaching took him to many parts of Africa, and to Indonesia. On his retirement, he accepted a two-year appointment in 1995 as Associate Professor in the Department of Physics in the University of Zimbabwe, with the specific aim of establishing a programme in Agricultural Meteorology. In 2005, he was still there, now with Visiting status, and developing practical aspects of the programme. His first wife,Beatrice, died in 1983: in 1986 he married Frances Pellatt, born in Mutare and, until then, resident in Harare. This undoubtedly encouraged his return to Zimbabwe. There are four children from his first marriage, and, to date, nine grandchildren. James has continued to claim church bell-ringing as a main hobby (started while at Peterhouse after the arrival of the bells at Harare Anglican Cathedral), with music, do-it-yourself, gardening and coastal cruising as ancillaries. He is still on the staff of UZ half time, but plans to spend more time in England before final retirement there. (Address: 5 College Flats, St Kilda Rd., Mount Pleasant, : Harare UK address: 24 Cintra Avenue, Reading, Berks, RG2 : 7AU) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jenny Milne(Staff 95- 02) the senior san sister for 8 years left to nurse in the UK.

Ruth Mitchell(Staff 04-05) joined us from South Africa to teach Chemistry and Geography.

Gavin Morrison(Staff 88-92) came from Bulawayo to be Head of English. He coached tennis and lowly cricket and rugby teams to remarkably good effect and will be remembered for his inspired performance in a staff play mounted by GMG, which was boldly entered in the PHG house play competition! He went back to Bulawayo at the end of 1992, but was sadly murdered the following year, but not for any political reason.

Jean and George Morton(Staff 61-78) For 18 happy yearsGeorge(now 85) was a key member of the Science Department and an inspirational athletics coach.Jeanset up the Peterhouse Nursery School. They are thriving in retirement in Spalding, Lincolnshire. When they retired from Peterhouse in 1978 it was a case of "Leave your firearms in the mail room lobby!" before attending their farewell party in the staff common room. They emigrated to England and got stuck straightaway into rebuilding the family finances by working for 6 years as the cook and butler of a wealthy financier after which they were able to buy a mortgage free house for their retirement. They occupy their time playing bridge and in a national competition were placed in the top 1000 pairs in the UK. Jean has taken up oil painting. George and Jean celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1988.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sam Moyo(Staff 03) who was Assistant Housemaster of Grinham, left abruptly in 2003 without giving the school the usual notice and we are not sure what he is doing now.

Fortune Mpozvori(Staff 01-12)taught Biology at Peterhouse Boys and coached cricket, hockey and was actively involved in conservation. He succumbed to leukaemia and was in South Africa undergoing treatment when he passed away on 19 May, 2012. He leaves a huge gap at Peterhouse.

Terence Msuku(Staff 95-99) taught French, was an assistant housemaster in Grinham and coached hockey, cricket and basketball. Sadly, he left for the bright lights and is teaching at St John's College in Harare.

The Munjomasremain stalwarts at PHG.Elliot(pictured left) is Head of Science, V Form tutor and Sable House Proctor, whileShelleyis the resident B-D Block Housemistress and teaches science and maths.

 Farai Munemo(M86) the 1986 Head Boy studied at Exeter College, Oxford and joined the staff in 2005 to teach English.

Duncan Mupesa(Staff 93) sadly died in January 1996.

Remy Mupfururirwa(Staff 92-00) who taught science and was a tutor in Tinokura, left at the end of 2000.

Trevor Mushiko( Staff 00 to present )joined Peterhouse after teaching French at Allan Wilson High School in Harare. Prior to that he taught at Gifford High School and Townsend High School both in Bulawayo. Shortly after he joined Peterhouse Trevor was appointed Senior Master (Pupils). He has also been Head of the French Department and he continues to teach French up to A Level. Trevor has also coached cricket and rugby and is currently Master in Charge of Golf. Trevor majored in French and Mathematics at Hillside Teachers College in Bulawayo before completing his French studies at the Universite de Poitiers in France.

Philemon Muwodzeri(Staff 59-98) started working at Peterhouse in 1959 under Fred Snell, as a general hand. He then went on to be a bus boy and part of the laundry staff . In 1980 he was promoted to Supervisor Laundry and Housekeeping and continued in this position until his retirement to work on the family farm in Mudzi.