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Staff News


Archie Larthe de Langladure(Staff 64-76) who taught French with great dedication and effect for 13 years, retired aged 70 to England in 1976 and died in April 1996.

Carl Lapham(Staff 11 to present) teaches Physical Education. Carl has now left Peterhouse.

SisterDebbie LoweSRN (Staff 77-93) joined the Peterhouse staff as assistant San Sister after four years at Springvale. She did her nursing training at the Central Hospital in Harare and on being married farmed in Centenary and then the Mkushi District, Zambia. After her husband's untimely death in 1972 she and her four sons returned to Zim and were educated at Ruzawi and Peterhouse. Her father was Canon Grinham the founder of Springvale and Ruzawi Schools and member of the first board of Governors of Peterhouse. She left to be Lady Warden of The Close Borradaile Trust. She is now living as an 'ordinary' resident, having had two hip replacement operations.

David Lowe(Staff 89-93) who boasted in his farewell speech to the Common Room of having managed to fight everyone, was a man of cultivated bolshiness. Guy Cary met him at the end of his first week muttering through clenched teeth "I don't like the boys here. They smile too much!" He was a dedicated Chemistry teacher and surprised many, whom he tried to convince that he was dour and disagreeable, with his ability as a serious and comic actor and jazz singer. Having been "landed with supervising the louts who played basketball," he pushed and pulled them over the years to the top of the national tree, winning the Major Leyland Tournament in 1992 for the first time in the school's history. David had high standards. Typical of his style was his 1993 Basketball report: "The team tended to resemble, at times, a troupe of circus clowns rather than a dedicated sporting outfit. This wayward attitude was most often seen in training sessions and so little progress was made during the season. On a more positive note, the team did well to finish second in League A." On leaving, David told us not to try to get in touch with him since he would be "of no fixed abode." Despite his best efforts to the contrary, David was much loved and admired at Peterhouse!

Jerry and JeanieLousada(Staff 03) Jerry was BSAP, a Town Clerk and had managed hotels for some years before coming to Peterhouse. They own a small shop in Cheltenham and divide their time between that and their 26 foot yacht in the Mediterranean. Jeanie was the Rector's secretary and Jerry the Bursar.

Russell Lynch(Staff 92-94) studied Russian at Exeter University and taught English at the University of Milan's Institute of Modern Languages before coming to Peterhouse with his wifeRaffiand two young daughters on a two year contract. They enjoyed their time at the school where Russell taught English coached teams, was an actor and stage manager, organiser of expeditions and keen competitor in staff sporting teams. Raffi, who is a university lecturer in computer science, was not too taxed by D Block Computers! Russell lives in Florence and is Teaching at Florence University in Italy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.