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Silas Kamarizenithe Head of the Art Department, continues to justifying the acquisition by the school of a top quality set of marimbas by the warm applause his students always attract on occasions such as Open Days.

A Petrean,Ed Katso(Staff E71 and 88-96) returned in 1988 for his third stint on the Peterhouse staff; one that saw him run soccer and chess, serve as tutor of his old house, Paget, head Biology and Science and organise several successful educational trips to the Zambezi Valley at the Rifa camp. One cannot deny that Ed was a controversial figure. Both as a schoolboy and as a teacher, he stood out as one who dared to be different and he helped break many barriers down. His methods in and out of the classroom were not always orthodox, but he gained the respect of his students and achieved some remarkable academic results. Ed will be long remembered for his drawling "Good morning" that greeted each class. He tackled all his duties with a sense of passion and it is hard to believe that he won't be back for a fourth stint! He "retired" to become a farmer having inherited the "family estate" outside Mutare but wrote in August 2001:"I'm now resident in Wuppertal, Germany, where my wife Elke is a Chemical Engineer with Delphi Automotives, a former subsidiary of GM. We have a delightful son, Daniel, who is the best thing that has ever happened to us, and is my full time occupation at the moment. I continue to "break barriers" (although not as controversially as in the past, mainly because my German is still very rudimentary. Give me a bit more time and then we will see!) Its amazing just how much energy is required to keep up with a two year old.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bill Ker

Archie and Ann Kennedy(Staff 66-94)Archiecame from Scotland in 1966 to head the Art Department and apart from a two year stint at Milton Abbey School in England headed the department with notable success for 29 years - often as a one man band. Archie oversaw the transformation of the department from a simple Art Room to a fully equipped Craft, Design and Technology Centre standing around an attractive grassed square, with the transport garages moved to the other end of the Estate. He was Housemaster of Founders and showed a keen interest in football and golf.Annfirst joined the staff of the Nursery School and was for 10 years in charge of the pottery department in the Art School. They left Peterhouse on 13 April 2003 to return to England after 37 years at the school, the last 9 living in the retirement complex, Jurassic Park. Archie did sterling work in organising the school archives during this time, as well as producing Peterhouse plaques for leavers to buy, the supply of which will now dry up, sadly.

David Kirkman (Staff 14 - present)  Dave started at Peterhouse in January 2014 as the Housemaster of Ellis, the Director of Sports and the Director of Rugby. Dave has four children within the group of schools. Jenny Kirkman, Daves wife runs the Careers department for the Group of Schools which is housed in the New Megahey Centre.

Luke Kunatsa(Staff 05 to present) joined us from Monte Cassino where he was Head of Mathematics. Luke is the Assistant Housemaster of Ellis and is also the Deputy Director of Studies too.