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Staff News


Edson Banda (Staff 05 - present) Prior to his appointment at Peterhouse, Edson spent several years in Public and Private Schools both in and out of the country. He has worked at Luanshya School for Continuing Education (Zambia) as Head of Department for Secretarial and Administrative Studies; Fletcher and Chaplin High Schools in Gweru where he was a Housemaster and commercial studies teacher; Eaglesvale School in Harare; and Watershed College in Marondera where he was a Deputy Head, Housemaster, Director of Agriculture and teacher of business studies and accounting. Edson is Master in Charge of hockey at Peterhouse and has several years of experience in coaching hockey at school, provincial and national levels and has travelled to the USA on several occasions to attend one of the biggest hockey festivals in America. He currently coaches the U16A team. Edson coaches golf and he also coaches basketball at provincial, 1st Team and U16 levels. Edson has also coached the Peterhouse Girls 1st Team hockey for the last 5 years, during which time they lifted the prestigious Golden Girls trophy on two occasions. Edson is married to Tendai, who is Senior Mistress at Watershed College. They have seven children, four of whom are grown up and working, two girls are in Universities in Cyprus and Zambia and their youngest, Chikondi, is currently in 5th Form at Peterhouse Boys. UPDATE 2018 -

Tendai Banda has since left Watershed College and has joined Edson in Paget as the House Matron.

Kevan Barbour ( Staff) is an ex-International Cricket Umpire and has been fortunate to travel extensively with the International Cricket Umpires' Panel umpiring and has been Housemaster of Grinham since 2008.

Ryan and Heidi Barbour (Staff 03 - 11) Ryan was Housemaster of Malvern. They left to take up positions at St John’s Preparatory and Chisipite Senior School at the end of 2011. UPDATE 2018 Heidi has left Chisipite and is teaching at St John’s Prep.

John "Pussyfoot" Barratt (Staff 58-78) nicknamed "Pussyfoot" because of his quite unique walking style, was on the music staff at PHB and Springvale for many years. Prior to that he taught at Eastbourne College (where Fred Snell had previously been a Housemaster) from 1950 to 1957. In 1978 he retired from teaching and took up the post of choir-master at the Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints in Harare. There he annually took choristers to summer schools in South Africa run by the Royal School of Church Music. In 1981 he married a long-standing friend, Unity, and they returned to the UK to settle in Wells, Somerset. John maintained his interest in choral music with the Bristol Bach Choir and subsequently the Wells Cathedral Voluntary Choir. John died on 13 August 2001 aged 80.

John Barrie in addition to being the Head of Design and teaching leatherwork performed another vital role; being in charge of the Commonroom bar. He took over from Roy Currie as Housemaster of Grinham in 2002. He and Bryony Rheam are both teaching at Simba in Zambia and their second daughter was born in February 2009. UPDATE 2018 - John and Bryony are now married and living in Bulawayo where John runs a B & B and Bryony is teaching at Girls’ College. She has just had her second book published and the first one is a setwork for ZIMSEC exams.

Suzanne Barrington (Staff 01-02) who was Head of Science, Snell House Tutor and taught biology, left Peterhouse to join the staff at Shrewsbury School (UK) but is now rumouredMr Mike Bawden to be teaching at Charterhouse. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mike Bawden (Staff 94-01) the fourth Rector has returned to England and is the Secretary of the Walton Heath Golf Club, one of the leading clubs in the country.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peter and Jackie Bayes. (Staff 93-00) retired to Mutare. In 1993 Peter managed the maintenance department, and Jackie was housekeeper. They left to go and work at St John's in 1995, but were soon back when Peter was appointed Assistant Bursar Works. Peter still sails his Rambler on Odzani, a beautiful dam just north of Penhalonga. Finding the economic situation rather tough, Peter embarked on a new career, teaching Technical Drawing at Hillcrest College, near Mutare.

Ken Bedwell (Staff 72-74) was last seen heading for King's College, Auckland.

School caterers are normally birds of passage but Dorrit { Bekker } MacLeod (Staff 69-85) was an institution at Peterhouse for many years. Her teas at sports events will not quickly be forgotten: chocolate cakes, cream buns, bacon rolls - you name it. How lucky generations of Petreans were that she was there, never quietly (she seemed to suffer from "selective" deafness!) but always efficiently, providing everyone with fantastic meals. In 1968 Winnie Wilkins, one of the three cook matrons fell in the fridge and was unable to carry on working. Contact was made with a Mrs Dorrit Bekker who had been the cook matron at a school in Kenya was living in Chipinge with her husband Peter. Would she like to come and work at Peterhouse? "Definitely not!" was the characteristic response. As luck would have it they were buying a property, Clatteringshaws, near the school and the Bursar John Beaumont persuaded her to join the staff on a temporary basis for three weeks. She left 24 years later! For most of that time she ran the kitchen on her own - "No one else would work with me" - and Dorrit produced over 7 million meals during her tenure. She was awarded the Honours Tie - the Staff equivalent of the VC - "For faithful service to the School over many years; for care and concern on occasions great and small, and for people great and small; for triumphing so often over so many difficulties, and adapting to the many and varied changed circumstances. For undertaking what is perhaps the most difficult and thankless job in any school an Honours Tie is awarded to Mrs Dorritt Bekker".

John Bell (Staff 96-00) is director of rowing at Durham School, UK. He and Sue are greatly missed. John, who was previously a headmaster in Botswana, ran IT, taught physics and maths, restarted rowing with great effect, President of the Common Room and very active musically, playing the double bass in the Jazz Band and orchestra. He made a significant impact running leadership courses for senior students and had a wise, experienced and popular presence around the campus. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrew Bentley (Staff 97-00) who in his time as Director of Music raised the Choir to new heights, left to become the Director of Music at St Paul's, Rondebosch. They then intended to move to the UK in 2002 where Judy had been offered a position in the pharmaceutical industry. However, as Andrew wrote in 2003: "We never made it to the UK. Cape Town was far too fine to leave. I sold property for a year before deciding to re-opt for a life of poverty teaching and making music. I now teach at St Joseph's College in Cape Town, am Director of Music of the UCT-Affiliated St Paul's Church and this year took over directorship the UCT Choir. I hope to continue to see lots of Petreans joining the UCT Choir in years to come." Andrew is a versatile musician and he played the trumpet and french horn in the school orchestra whenever he had the opportunity to do so. Judy assisted in the school This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Penny { Bond } Bennett (Staff 89-98) taught English and ran the library for 10 years, making it an oasis of peace and calm, was a tutor in Paget and coached tennis, basketball and swimming at PGH. Her basketball tours were thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned. The campus hasn't been the same without Penny on her bike with Jock and Gypsy running behind her. Petreans from that era remember her profound sadness when two of the beautiful trees in the Library Quad were felled too soon for her to prevent it. She was the librarian at Hillcrest College and lives at Drifters near Mutare, where the Bayes also live.
A E ("Uncle Ben") Benzies (Staff 75 - 82) who was the Peterhouse accountant for seven years died after a short illness in 1982, at the age of 66. He was a delightful gentleman in every sense of the word. A E ('Ben') Benzies (Staff 75 - 82) UPDATE 2018 - She returned to Canada some years ago.

Ges Bester took up the position of Bursar in 2006 and left in 2007.

Mabel (nee McGuire) Bettin (Staff 02 - 04) taught aerobics and dancing for 10 years at PHG and then joined the staff full time to teach in the Commercial / IT Department. She now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

James Bowles (Staff 96-98) who had the biological girls, and most of the boys, eating out of his hand, was the Assistant Housemaster of Tinokura and brought great passion and zeal to his coaching of cricket. In 2003 he married Jo Cowan, a Chisipite girl, whom he met in London. He wrote in 2011: "Jo and I moved to Sydney in 2008. I am working at The Scots College where I am a Housemaster and Head of Biology."

Howard Blackett (Staff 13 - ) a geographer, is the sixth Rector. Howard was a gap year student at Ruzawi, played rugby regularly for Marondera and represented the country at U20 level. He is a graduate of Christ Church, Oxford and has an MBA in Educational Leadership. After a short spell in the Royal Navy as a Seaman Officer (serving on the Assault Ship HMS Fearless and the Aircraft Carrier HMS Illustrious) he returned to the world of education and to a series of teaching posts, notably Marlborough College. In 1997 he was appointed Headmaster of Dover College in Kent and in 2004 he moved as Headmaster to The Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, a co-educational boarding and day school of 700 pupils. Howard and Susie are both keen sportspeople. Howard played both hockey and rugby for Oxford and Susie played first class hockey.

Chris Blake (Staff 91) is the Manager of Information Services at Pembroke School, Adelaide, South Australia, where he is responsible for a network of 650 PCs. He created the Crown and other gifs that are used in this web page and has helped with some of the other graphics.- thank you very much indeed His wife Linda Blake (Staff) taught French at PHG 1988 - 90. Contact them both on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr John Bradshaw (G78) and Staff 10 to present) has been the Headmaster at Peterhouse Girls since January 2010. Prior to that, he was the Headmaster at Watershed College from April 2003. John was at was educated at Springvale School and Peterhouse (G78) and won the Petrean Prize for athletics. Following national service he enrolled at Rhodes University in 1981, and graduated with an MSc in Computer Science in 1986. He has a love of classical music and to this end he also obtained a Certificate in Choral Work and sang in the Rhodes University Chamber Choir for 5 years. He continued his training as a university academic, obtaining a PhD from the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge in 1991, specialising in understanding the challenges of qualitative reasoning in a digital environment. Whilst at Cambridge he rowed for his college Caius. In 1992 Dr Bradshaw took up a lecturing position at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where he taught a variety of topics to Science and Engineering students up to Masters Level. Whilst at Wits he was also the founder Warden of David Webster Hall, a residence for 220 men and women. Dr Bradshaw was brought up on a farm in Marondera and it was always his intention to return to that environment. So, in 1996 he joined his father with a view to taking over the family farm. He farmed full time up until 2002, whilst lecturing part time in the Computer Science Department at the University of Zimbabwe. He was invited to join the Watershed College board in 2001. Having been evicted from the family farm in 2002, and following the unexpected departure of the Headmaster in March 2003 he was asked to assist Watershed by taking on the Headmastership. As an undergraduate he studied a mixture of Business and Science subjects, majoring in Cost and Management Accounting and Computer Science. This combination of subjects, together with his teaching experience and running the family enterprise, provided a surprisingly good training for the challenges of running a school.In 1979 he was injured by a booby trapped land mine which he was defusing, and as a consequence he is now totally blind.

The Brodzsky family (Staff 62 Paul  ("Polly") (Staff 62-78) who taught French at the school and Eagle for many  years and his wife Jo who taught piano and took a very active part in the musical life of the school, both sadly died some years ago in Fishhoek. For a fuller tribute see Nostalgia Their five daughters: Panna (Ann) Haskins worked at Peterhouse for many years but now lives in Britain, Nikki Waller, who has three Petrean sons and is a grandmother, is a school teacher in Venda, Paula Chisholm lives in Cape Town, Cecelia Temlett has three children and been teaching music and drama at Chisipite for over 15 years and Kit Dock lives in Port Elizabeth. Hannah Nicholas, the first PHG staff baby arrived in January 1999 daughter of Nicky { Haskins} and Keith Nicholas, who was the music master at PHG and is now teaching in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Hannah has a four generation Peterhouse pedigree being Paul's great-granddaughter and Tommy Haskinsgranddaughter.Contact them via Nikki's son Mike Waller (G84) the General Manager of Cybele Forest Lodge. Mike Waller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tony Brooker (Staff 64-70) transformed hockey at Peterhouse in the '60s, played it for Rhodesia and was at the forefront of the introduction of the Nuffield Science revolution. Tony was the headmaster of Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, Western Australia south of Perth for 15 years after a stint at Melbourne Grammar and teaching in UK. He was then the founding headmaster of Geraldton Grammar School, Western Australia, but is now retired and still living in Geraldton. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rodney Brooker (Staff 95-11) joined the Peterhouse staff on his retirement from the Headship of Ruzawi School in 1995 and was involved in junior teaching and sport for 15 years. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paul Brous (M94) studied at Rhodes University and taught at Springvale House while working off his CHISZ Bursary obligations. He moved to Holland in 2003, where he is reported to be coaching cricket.

David Bruno (Staff 64-70) who was the Assistant Chaplain, House Tutor in Grinham, the leader of successful expeditions to Mlanje and ran squash with great effect, was Dean of St George's Cathedral, Windhoek in the '80s. He married in 1991 and was the Rector of Falkirk in Scotland when we last heard from him.

Romey Buchheit (Staff 01) who was a Tinokura House Tutor and taught English, left for England in 2001. She lives in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and owns a ceramic painting studio, Crackpot Ceramics.

sue daviesSue { Buckland } Davies and Paul 'Fossil' Davies were married in the PHG Chapel on 9 December 2000. Sue is Senior Mistress, Housemistress of Williams House and VI Form Tutor. Sue retired from teaching at Peterhouse in 2016 and is currently residing in Cape Town together with Paul. Sue was awarded the Honours Tie in 2016 for her many years of service to Peterhouse.

Adam Burgess who was Art teacher and Housemaster of Paget is currently teaching at Kenton College, Kenya.  He is married Kate Sigsworth and they have a daughter.

Rob Burrett (Staff 99-00) who was Head of the Geography Department, a House Tutor in Founders and heavily involved in Gosho Park left at the end of 2000. UPDATED 2018 Rob now runs a general consultancy company for environmental, historical and environmental work and is an associate researcher for National Museums and Monuments.

Anne Butterworth (Staff 63-80) reigned supreme as the housekeeper and in the laundry for 18 years. She will be fondly remembered by Petreans of that era for the ever-present war between her and Pete Ginn, whom she accused ("quite unjustly" according to Pete!) of shooting her sparrows in the laundry yard. The number of birds that her 14 cats must have killed was never acknowledged.