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Petrean Sports Day Report 2018

The Petrean Sports day followed on from the Petrean AGM which was held on the 25th March 2018 at Peterhouse Boys this year.

Sports played against the Peterhouse 1st Teams were: The Scotty Heathcote Trophy (Men's Hockey), The Ladies’ Hockey, The Men's Soccer, The Mixed Tennis and The Andrew Gau Trophy (Men’s Cricket) which saw over 100 Petreans out at Peterhouse playing their respective sport.

The Beer Garden which over looked the Interhouse Athletics was a great hit, with delicious food served by the Touring Committees and Duggies.

With grateful thanks to: Nissan Clover Leaf for their sponsorship of the Day. The Estates Teams for their hard work on the grounds and set up, and to all the staff at Peterhouse for their endless commitment and support of the Petrean Society.


Another incredible Petreans day was held at PHB with the day kicking off with the much anticipated Hockey match between the PHB 1st team and The Petrean Team. With the boys having never one the Scotty Heathcote Cup they had a lot to prove and were very pumped up for the game and boy did they show it. With incredible skill and speed and pure determination they managed to beat the Petrean Team 2-1. Everyone appreciated the great match saying both teams showed some great hockey skills. As sad as it is that we as the Petrean Team lost for the first time, it is great to see the talent showed by the boys and the future of PHB Hockey is looking at a very high standard and as a Petrean and former 1st Team Captain, it is exciting to see and we look forward to seeing how their season goes!! 

This day is always a special day for the boys and Petreans as we honour the life of Scotty Heathcote. A truly inspirational person indeed. However I did want to focus on his parents this time round as it was them who brought up such an amazing boy. Sue and Clive it was a complete honour to meet Scotty, we are all so grateful for how you brought him up and how he ended up showing the rest of us how we should cherish and live life!! A true testament to two amazing parents! Again we all thank you.

We look forward to getting that trophy back next year!! 

 Good luck PHB, I will be there to watch as many games as I possibly can.


The Petrean ladies team went down 2-0 to PHG in what was a game of two halves!

The first half saw the Petreans camped in their own defensive 25 fighting valiantly to prevent PHG racking up a large lead early on. Miss Candy cleared the ‘boundary ropes’ on a couple of occasions with some inspired defending! Mr. Banda and his umpiring counterpart did a sterling job amid what was a defensive war zone. The halftime whistle bought much needed rest and recovery and a chance to establish some new offensive tactics.

Those of us who had watched the game unfold during the first half from the safety of the halfway line were drafted into the defence to give others a chance to catch their breath! An empty substitute’s bench meant we needed to conserve our resources as best as possible if we were to manage an entire game!!!

The second half saw a marked change in the nature of the game as the Petrean Ladies began to move into uncharted territory... even reeling off several shots on goal and managing to win a penalty corner! Unfortunately, we had to get passed our own keeper (a Petrean(man) by the name of Dustin George) who proved to be a solid wall.

The game ended injury free, although there may be many sore bodies come Monday morning!

As always, the Petrean Ladies vs PHG hockey game was thoroughly enjoyable! This year we had two new faces in Ngaa Gumbeze and Isabel Chidavaenzi who proved it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last swung a hockey stick! Ngaa was voted Petrean player of the day, while Lilly Pope was voted PHG player of the day. Special thanks to everyone involved in making the day happen! Good luck for the season ahead PHG!


Final score 3-3

Goals from Petreans - Kudzo Chiwara (2) Shakes Mpofu (1)

It was an exciting game which ended in both teams sharing the spoils. With 30 minutes to go in the second half the Petreans found themselves 3 nil down and facing a humiliating defeat. They continued to fight and 3 goals in 15 minutes put them right back in the game. Either team could have snatched a victory in the end with 2 good chances on both sides but the 4th decisive goal was elusive.

Man of the Match - Kudzo Chiwara (2 goals)

Thank you for organising this fixture. There is talk of a return leg at the end of April which the Petreans are keen for.

TENNIS REPORT – by Sarah Parham

Once Again, what a successful and well organised day – lots of fun was had by many! We all seem to enjoy coming out to Peterhouse for this annual event - catching up with friends over a few cold ones, a delicious lunch and of course the great company.

After having the Petreans win the tennis over the last 2 years, we unfortunately came 2nd this year to some very talented PH Children.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support us! We hope you pencil this event in your diaries every year.


A wonderful day of cricket was had on the 25th March, as part of the Petrean Sports Day. It was the inaugural Andrew Gau “Grieves” trophy tournament and thanks must go to Cath Gau for being willing to be there on the day to hand out the trophy in memory of Grieves, who was loved by all. Grieves was such a positive, happy and friendly person who was always in the midst of Petrean Sports days. It is totally fitting and an honour to commemorate Grieves through the annual Andrew Gau Trophy tournament, and long may it continue.

Two strong Petrean sides were put together to play in a 12 over triangular competition with the Peterhouse side.

The day started with the “Senior dorm” Petrean side playing the Peterhouse side, with Senior dorm putting the Peterhouse boys in to bat. Batting styles and aggression have changed over the years and I think the Petreans were quite shocked when the boys put on 144 runs in their allotted 12 overs! A great catch was taken by Shane Hutchings, running in at pace from the boundary to catch a high ball, and some incredibly sharp bowling from Mick Rambo who claimed a hatrick!

Sadly, although putting in some great batting, Senior dorm were only able to muster up 134 runs in their 12 overs.

Next, the “Junior dorm” Petreans played the boys and managed to restrict them to 112 runs off 12 overs. There was some good bowling from Carl Robo, Andrew Lobie, Dean Peall and Tashinga Wazara.

Junior dorm Petreans managed to reach the Peterhouse target in the 11th over, with Ryan Burl hitting some beautiful straight drive sixes.

The last game of the day was between Petrean Senior dorm and Junior dorm. This match has been squarely won every year by senior dorm and so it was with gusto that Richie “Linford Christie” Linnell and Campbell “Arnold Schwarzenegger” MacMillan opened the Junior dorm batting! It was a beautiful sight watching Richie run quick singles to cover! Junior dorm posted 106 runs in their 12 overs, with Mick Rambo decimating the junior dorm with his razor sharp bowling!

Senior dorm came in to bat and struggled to get the run rate going, potentially due to the effect of a few cold beers over lunch, but largely to do with some great bowling. Junior dorm discovered its secret weapon in Zach Liebenberg who bowled fantastically, taking some important wickets. Senior dorm only managed to scrape together 89 runs in their 12 overs, but it was a fun filled game.

So, in the end it was Petrean junior dorm who won the tournament, with Peterhouse 2nd and Petrean Senior dorm 3rd.

There were 5 or so prizes given out at the prize giving ceremony:

Best batsmen went to Tawanda from Peterhouse, who scored 40 and 44 in his 2 games

Best bowler was undoubtedly Mick Rambo who took 7 wickets in 4 overs!

Best fielding performance was Alex Smithy with his Jonty Rhodes run out!

Best play of the day was the catch by Shane Hutchings

The “Thanks for coming” prize went to Tim Bartlett who sadly tweaked his hammie in the first game of the day!

Thanks to all who played and watched, it certainly was a lot of fun and we look forward to another great day next year.

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