Peterhouse Crown Foundation

A Peterhouse education is lifechanging.

Peterhouse has a rich heritage and strong traditions – it prides itself on raising, along with the incredible parent body, extraordinary young men and ladies.

Shaping leaders for the future

With the help of our incredible alumni, we plan on helping to unite the two organisations with a joint goal that focuses on offering…

Development is at the core of the school’s goals and we have seen a number of huge projects take place over the year including the construction of an astroturf, and Waterpolo pool as well as the renovation of house bathrooms and classrooms. 

The Peterhouse Crown Foundation welcomes everyone associated with the school to join us in preserving our history and assisting us in shaping leaders for the future. 

Vision and Objectives

Our vision is to raise funds in order to safeguard the long term sustainability of our school and to ensure that through its initiatives.

Our objectives are threefold:

  • to provide capital to build world-class facilities
  • to provide bursaries and scholarships for skilled individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford the opportunity
  • to increase annual donations which support the highest current priorities and will benefit both current and future students

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