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Annual General Meeting

Parents Association

    AGM – 28 MAY 2017

    Peterhouse is a second home for many of our children. I would like to thank the Rector and his staff for the work they do to ensure that the school is run efficiently and effectively. In the midst of all the chaos in the world it is a welcome relief to know that our children are being educated in a stable environment, where they can focus on their sporting and cultural activities without the pressures and albeit dangers of the fast paced life in town.

    The following members have retired from the Parents Association Committee: 

    Mrs Trevlynne Manuel PHB
    Ms Lynn Green PHG
    Mr William Whaley SVH
    They were replaced by:-
    Mrs Rachel Kutukwa PHB
    Mrs Cathy Hove PHB&PHG

    A warm welcome to the new Committee Members and my most sincere gratitude to the retiring members. I would like to thank all the Committee Members for the time, effort and commitment they put in to ensure the smooth running of the Committee. Special thanks to the Vice Chair, Mr Benson Mushavi who always gives sound advice.

    As per prior years, the Constitution has remained the same and no changes have been made. During the course of the year (2017-2018), the committee will be reviewing the constitution. You will be advised of the outcome of the review in due course.

    No levies have ever been charged and as such there are no Financial Accounts to present.

    The Parents Association Committee continues to hold meetings four times a year in Harare. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Tim Middleton and his staff for allowing the Committee to meet at theATS/Chisz Offices and supplying complimentary teas. This is a welcome relief considering that our association has no funds.
    Parents are represented on the Executive and Finance Committees of the Peterhouse Group (EXCO and FINCO) by the Chairlady and Vice Chairman of the Association. It should be noted that a total of twelve parents sit on Bestco, Finco and/orExco. This shows that parents are well represented in all key decision making Committees.
    Two extra meetings were held in Harare to discuss parental concerns outside of the regular Committee Meetings. The Chairman of Exco, Rector, Deputy Headmaster, Chair, Vice Chair and ten parents were in attendance. The meetings were very successful and parents were able to deliberate directly with the school’s management.

    Our plan to hold practical parenting talks, now known as Parents Forums came to fruition. The Association has successfully held two Parents Forums to date. The aim of the Forums is to raise awareness on various challenges that both parents and children face. The maiden forum titled “Pornography among teenage boys today” was held in September 2016. The Chaplain Mr Nick Stott together with Craig Roberts from Zambesi Holidays and Mrs Sarah Shoesmith – Director of Extra Curricular Activities successfully presented the topic. They shared the results of a major anonymous survey relating to Pornography. The presentation gave parents a glimpse of what the school teaches pupils on this topic, and useful tips on how to tackle this global scourge.
    The second forum titled “Academic matters” was held in March 2017. The Rector, Headmistress PHG, Directors of study PHB/PHG and Heads of curriculum support PHB/PHG were in attendance. The Rector gave a presentation on curriculum, academic results and the gender gap. A presentation on Curriculum support was given by the Heads of the aforementioned department. Parents benefitted immensely from this forum and had an opportunity to understand how the Academic department works at Peterhouse.
    I would like to thank Mr Simon Hammond and Cabs for providing the venue and teas for both meetings at the Cabs Auditorium in Harare. Special thanks to Mrs Hove, Mrs Kutukwa and Mrs Palmer for doing registration.

    There were no school fee increases throughout the year. The school is cognisant of the current financial challenges bedevilling Zimbabwe, it is our hope as parents that there will be no need for a school fee increase this year.

    The 2016 academic results were very pleasing across the group. Please refer to The Rector’s report and school website for further details.

    The school has a wide range of sporting disciplines and cultural activities across the group. Our children have represented their province and our country Zimbabwe in many fields and have fared very well both locally and abroad. Parents continue to support their children at Peterhouse, around Zimbabwe and across the borders in both sports and culture.

    The school has sent various emails advising parents on the best communication channels. I would like to encourage parents to follow these channels to make complaints or give compliments. It is always important to read (to the end) the School Newsletters and any other mail that the school sends. Newsletters are available on the website.

    Rev Nick Stott the School Chaplain will be leaving the school at the end of August. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the young men who have passed through his hands. We wish him and his family the very best as they return to England.
    The Rector and his staff work hard to ensure that our children live in a safe environment. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated and those found flouting this rule will be excluded.
    The refurbishment of Malvern house has finally commenced. This move has been greatly welcomed by Malvern parents, pupils, staff and alumni alike.

    Peterhouse Girls is celebrating 30 years since it was founded in 1987. I would encourage parents to attend the exciting activities that have been lined up. Please refer to the website for further details.

    We all chose Peterhouse because of one or all of its various attributes as the school of choice for educating our children. It is my hope that the school will continue to uphold the high standards of education which brought us to Peterhouse and that we have become accustomed to and expect to remain as the norm.

    Thank you for your support.

    Nyasha Mbofana
    Peterhouse Parents Association


    AGM TRINITY 2017


    I would like to thank members of the Parents’ Association committee led by Nyasha Mbofana for their support over the past twelve months – the school and the PA continue to have a very healthy and constructive working relationship and the parents are well represented by the PA on EXCO; parents’ concerns and aspirations are regularly raised at these meetings.

    It is my hope that over the years ahead the Parents’ Association and the School will continue to work well together for their mutual benefit and, above all, for the benefit of pupils at Peterhouse. The Parents’ Association does have a number of specific responsibilities/tasks, which are laid out in the Parents’ Association constitution, but in general terms the Parents’ Association should be seen as a useful conduit between the School and parents and as a body which will support the School; it should not be seen as a mechanism for raising complaints and interfering with the management/leadership of the School.


    The Peterhouse Group operates as efficiently as possible and the Business Director, Mark Whitaker, keeps a very close eye on expenditure during the financial year. This year (i.e. the financial year 2017) we are on track to achieve a break even budget.

    The school’s Top Management (three Heads and the Business Director) together with Members of EXCO continue to monitor the economic situation in Zimbabwe and are very sensitive to the difficulties parents face in meeting their school fee commitments; hence the recent freeze in school fees.


    3.1 Peterhouse Boys School

    In the recent past the following work has been done:
    • The Megahey Centre has been completed and will open later this term. It will be formally opened at Speech Day in the Michaelmas Term.
    • The refurbishment of Malvern has begun. This will be a two phase project (ablutions first followed by the rest of the House)

    Planned projects
    • Further improvements to playing facilities
    • The refurbishment of Snell
    • Improvements to the classrooms

    3.2 Peterhouse Girls School

    The expansion of PHG was completed sometime ago but further work is required, in particular as follows:

    • Renovation of the old DH and kitchen into alternative use
    • Renovation of the PHGHM’s office/entrance area

    3.3 Springvale House

    No work of significance has happened in the recent past. Work is required as follows:

    • Refurbishment of the boarding facilities
    • Refurbishment of the swimming pool

    In addition to the planned projects the Group’s Top Management Team (Rector, Business Manager, HMPHG and HMSVH) has drawn up a list of other major projects and planned maintenance work.


    4.1 Public Examination Results

    Last year’s public examination results were as follows:
    • A Level PHB/PHG combined: overall pass rate was 99.7%. (2015 pass rate – 99%)
    • IGCSE PHG The overall pass rate was 95.4% (A*12%; A 26%; B 31%; C 26%). (2015 pass rate – 92%)
    • IGCSE PHB The overall pass rate was 84.1%. (A* 10%; A 21%; B 31% and C 22%) (2015 pass rate – 82%)

    4.2 Pupil Discipline

    The overall standard of discipline remains excellent across the Peterhouse Group.

    4.3 Pupil activities

    The breadth of opportunity within the Peterhouse Group is outstanding and it is good to know that so many pupils achieve so much – all reflected in this year’s first class school magazine (bigger and better than ever!). Under the general heading of pupil activities I would like to highlight the great value/importance I place on the following:
    • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
    • Leadership training
    • Outward bound activities
    • The Group’s Infinity Programme led by Andrew Shoesmith

    4.4 Pupil recruitment/marketing

    Interest in all three schools remains healthy but, as ever, there is no room for complacency. I spend a great deal of time, together with the other two Heads and Catriona Borman, marketing the school. In the recent past the following has been done:
    • Recruitment visits to major feeder schools (Ruzawi, Lilfordia, Bryden, Hippo Valley, Triangle, Victoria Falls etc.)
    • Recruitment cocktail parties in Harare
    • Recruitment visits to Botswana and Zambia (planned for later in the year)
    • The school web site and other marketing literature are regularly updated to present with a corporate identity

    5. CHISZ (The Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe) and ATS (Association of Trust Schools) matters

    This year’s Conference takes place in Victoria Falls. There are no matters of consequence to report this year.


    6.1 Development Plan

    The Development Plan, available on the Group’s website, is in the process of being updated for the period 2018 - 2023

    6.2 PHG30

    PHG30 led/organised by the PHG30 committee, chaired by Sarah Cremer, together with Corralee Greeff, our Development Officer and with much support from Tracy Blignaut, Head PHG is in full swing. I would like to thank all concerned for their energy and commitment.


    I am delighted to report that the Peterhouse Group remains in excellent form.

    i. the school’s academic profile (NB PHG) is much improved;
    ii. the breadth of education remains outstanding;
    iii. there is much interest in the PH Group of Schools; and
    iv. we remain committed to our Christian ethos.

    In all respects much progress has been made over the past few years and Peterhouse is Zimbabwe’s premier school; but there is, of course, always room for improvement and we have ambitious plans for future development.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)

    10 May 2017

    Nyasha Mbofana - Chairlady
    Gordon Brown - Vice Chariman
    Nyasha Mutsai - Secretary
    Lindsay Rendell - Committee Member
    Rachel Kutukwa - Committee Member
    William Whaley - Committee Member
    Mrs Ali Palmer – Committee Member

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