1988 Chimanimani B Block Expedition

The annual B Block expedition to the Eastern Highlands took place three weeks into the second term. B3 and B4 Maths sets went first and B1 and B2 followed a week later.  These excerpts from the boy’s projects were all taken from the second trip. The bare-bones descriptions of such trips make for dry and […]

1983 Chimanimani Expeditions – B Block Returns

It was very exciting when we found that we could at last return to the Chimanimani Mountains for our annual B Block expeditions, even though only the Zimbabwe side is open. Thus, many of our old haunts – Martin’s Falls, Kurasika and Poacher’s Cave – are still out of bounds. We ran a preliminary staff […]

1971 Chimanimani Expeditions

There were two expeditions, as usual, B1 and 2 going in May and B3 in September. The first, and the much larger, group had the misfortune of a very wet first night. Too many of them did nothing about trying to keep themselves and their Possessions dry and so had a very miserable start to […]