About us

The ‘’Petrean Society’’ is the alumni organisation for former pupils and staff of the Peterhouse Group of Schools. If you are a Petrean – Welcome to the Petrean Society.

Working in partnership with the School, the Petrean Society is firmly committed to maintaining contact with all our members through Petrean events and reunions, as well as encouraging business networking and mentoring opportunities amongst members of the Society. We host social and sporting events locally and internationally through our international branches based in the UK, RSA and Australia.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent School Alumni Association in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To keep its members in touch with Peterhouse, Marondera, and each other, and in any way possible to further the interests both of the school and of its members. (As per the objective in the original constitution).


  • To maintain an online community presence to communicate and develop Petrean relationships
  • To organise social and sporting events.
  • To support children of Petreans in the Peterhouse system if necessary.
  • To support the Peterhouse and Marondera Community.
  • Provide value to the School by
    • Helping with fundraising initiatives
    • Supporting worthwhile children whose parents are struggling with fees. (Bursary/loans)
    • Providing non-financial support to the school (professional advice or expertise, coaching, seminars or teaching, etc)
    • Helping support the endowment fund efforts for the school
    • Working with current school parents to further the interests of the group

The Petrean Society Office

The Petrean Society Office is known as the ‘’Development Office’’ and operates under the guidance of the Rector, Petrean Society Chairperson and the Petrean Standing Committee.

The society exists to maintain traditions and to promote the interests of the School, and to encourage mutual help between those who are and those who have been its members. The Society consists of the Rector, former pupils of Peterhouse, present members of Common Room, past Rectors and past members of the Common Room through application to the society.

Petrean Reunions

Reunions are self-perpetuating events, which are self-run and self-funded by the year group themselves. Held annually on the 50th, 30th, 20th and 10-year Anniversary of leaving the school. They are organised by the year group themselves with the help of the Petrean Development Officer.

Petrean Events

The Petrean reunion weekends usually coincide with annual Petrean Sporting events; ie the annual Petrean Golf Day in Harare, the Petrean Sports Day out at Peterhouse, the Falcon weekend, and the Festival of Music Food Wine at PHG.

International Petrean Branches

Contact the Petrean Branch nearest to you