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Petrean Sports Day 2017 - Sports Report

The Petrean Sports day which was held on Sunday 2nd April 2017, lay the setting for a great day of sport which saw 63 Petrean sports men and women come out to Peterhouse Girls to enjoy a great day of sport, networking and catching up with old Peterhouse mates. Three sporting disciplines were played to very high standards and the reports are below. A huge thank you to the Estates Manager Mr Leon Greeff and his team for setting up and assisting with the day so well. A GREAT day was had by all who attended.


Petrean Tennis Report 2017

GROUP A                 GROUP B

Petreans – 9              Petreans - 4
PHG – 7                    PHG – 12


Petreans lost 14-19 to PHG

Top two Petrean Couples:-
    Gwen Matthews and Kerry Orphanides

    Gary Parham and Caro Maertens

Top two PHG Couples:-
    Simba and Rumbi

    Rana and Rachel

What a successful and well organised day at the 2017 Petreans Sports Day held for the first time at the Girls School. The Petrean tennis players wore a splash of Pink in line with celebrating the Peterhouse Girls 30th Anniversary. We were all thoroughly impressed with the new Tennis facilities and had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us!

By Sarah Parham


Petrean Ladies Hockey Report 2017

PHG 5 – Petrean Ladies 1

What a fantastic day. We had a perfect mix of old girls spanning as far back as the 1996 first team hockey captain! Some hadn’t picked up a stick in over 9 years, but that didn’t dull the enthusiasm or competitive spirit. The substitute’s bench worked like a well-oiled production line, with players uncharacteristically hailing for replacements throughout the game. The youthful energy and speed of the PHG girls proved too much to handle in the end, and on the back of some inspired play, the girls ran away with the game.

We wish the girls a successful and beneficial tour to South Africa in April, and a wonderful hockey season ahead.

Absolute Sports very kindly donated a $50 voucher for the PHG player of the match. The winner, as nominated by the old girls, was #9 Maka Gwaradzimba.  Thanks to Edson Banda and Chris Davidson for umpiring the game and turning a blind eye too many of the unintended fouls and indiscretions!

By Sarah Blythewood


Petrean Mens Hockey Report 2017

The Scotty Heathcote Cup was once again a huge success with a great turn out and great support from both the girl’s school and boys school as well as the parents! I am happy to say the First Team Boys put on a great fight this year compared to previous years earning a draw against the Petreans 2-2. This is a great result for the boys as every Petrean on that Field played First Team Hockey for Peterhouse at some stage with a number of them representing Zimbabwe at some stage too!! This is a special game for everyone concerned as we play this in memory of Scotty Heathcote, a former First Team Hockey Captain. The game was played in a great spirit and some quality hockey was played, just the way Scotty would have wanted it! I am proud to call myself a Petrean, but knowing people like Scotty Heathcote attended this school makes me even more proud to be a Petrean! We all hope we did you proud!

A huge thank you to the Girls school for hosting such a fantastic day. We wish you all the very best for your 30th!! I wish the First Team Boys good luck for the season ahead, wear the crown above your heart and the checkered shirt proudly, trust me it's an honour and a privilege to represent The First Team.

By Brynn Mullen


Petrean Mens Cricket Report 2017

Being the Peterhouse Girls 30th year it was fitting and a privilege to be hosted by the Peterhouse Girls school. The grounds are in pristine condition and a good chance for Petreans to see all the new facilities at the girls’ school.

One major concern and potential problem was the lack of a cricket pitch; however Leon Greeff the Estates Manager and his team produced what was a great pitch and held something in it for both bat and ball.

The layout and set-up made the day very enjoyable. Festive music and witty commentary from Ryan Barbour and Simon Scott-Elliot kept the crowd entertained and the players humble! Great “Nandos Style” chicken from Introwise and all topped off with a fantastic sunny day.

All games were played in very good spirit while still fiercely contested.

Game 1 Petrean Seniors beat PHB XI by 4 wickets

Game 2 Petrean juniors beat PHB Xi by 5 wickets

The final game proved to be a “Final” played by the two Petrean sides. It was a high scoring affair with the Petrean Juniors posting an imposing 152 runs off 15 overs. The Juniors went into the break confident of defending a run chase of over 10 runs to the over.
Matt Hosack top scoring for the Juniors with 64 runs.

However, the Petrean seniors proved once again that there is little substitute for experience and overhauled the total with 5 balls to spare.
Strati Orphanides, Dean Peall and Stuart Carlisle staring for the seniors!

Petreans extend our sincere thanks to Peterhouse and especially Corralee Greeff for putting the day together. We all look forward to returning to Peterhouse, and catching up on the school developments and old friends.

By Mick Rambo

(Better images to follow, once they have all come in)




Petrean Nakiso Gwatidzo, chasing her dream

Nakiso Gwatidzo, a Petrean chasing her dreams. Please read her story and follow her progress.





PHG30/Petrean Golf Day

By Petrean Chair, Sarah Parham (PHG07)

Friday, 3th of March saw the kick-off to the 2017 Petrean & Peterhouse Girls 30th calendar with our Annual Petrean Golf Day at Royal Harare Golf Club. We had a full field of 132 golfers – thanks to all the teams who participated! As a society, we are very lucky to have a dynamic team who pull together to make these events happen. We did have our fears that the rain may wash the day away, it tried too but thankfully it didn’t stop us from having a wonderful event with a full day of golf.

Such a successful day would not be possible without our sponsors who provide such invaluable support! Thank you to: CABS, Ocean Basket, Simply Asia, Autoworld, Bamm Stationery, Experience Africa Safaris, Solution Centre, LabelFlex, Husqvarna, Trek Petroleum, Surrey Group, Signs of the Times, Out of Africa, Top Guard and Storage Mart. Part of the overall success of a golf day is hugely dependent on the course and the catering – a huge thanks goes to the Royal Harare Golf Club and Introwise teams!

At the end of this Month, on 2nd April, we have the Petreans and Friends of Peterhouse Sports Day to take on the school kids in tennis, cricket and hockey. I am sure a fun day will be had by all and we hope to see you all there.




The Alan Megahey Media Centre – February 2017

The Megahey Centre continues to develop – the building itself is complete (with a few snagging issues to address) and work around the building (i.e. landscaping etc.) is also nearly complete.

The task this term is to fill the building with furniture, books, IT equipment etc. and to put various systems in place so that the building will be ready for use at the start of next term – hopefully without any delays.













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