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PHG30 Champagne Brunch

The Champagne Brunch was held in a Marquee on the new Hockey fields at the top of the school, ahead of the Peterhouse Girls vs Chisipite 1st Team Hockey Match.

With a total of 76 Guests, 17 Petrean Ladies, the Peterhouse Girls 1st Team Hockey parents and the Chisipite 1st Team Hockey Parents, together with Lorraine and Jim Hill (Head of Chisipite) and Jacquie Roberston (ex Head Chisipite), the Rector of the Group of schools and other invited guests.

The spread was luxurious and our caterers Introwise, led by Upenyu Magumesi did a fantastic job. Thank you Introwise. The marquee made to look beautiful with flowers from Tracey Kloppers and the setup by the Peterhouse Girls Hospitality Club under the direction of Harriet Rinashe – Thank you ladies.

The fields, grounds and gardens at Peterhouse Girls are looking fantastic too, thanks to the Estates and Gardens teams.

The hockey played on the day was strong and competitive with the 1st Team drawing the game with a two goals each in the inaugural match played for the ‘The Pearl Anniversary Cup’ which Chisipite kindly gave to Peterhouse Girls as a gift in celebration of our 30th Anniversary. Thank you to Chisipite Senior School and Mrs Hill for this very kind gesture!

The Pictures will tell you the rest . . . . .

By Corralee Greeff

Development Officer, Peterhouse Group of Schools

The Pearl Anniversary Cup, presented to Peterhouse Girls as a gift for the 30th Anniversary of our School

Sue Davies (Buckland) Founder Teacher PHG; Harriett Nel and Karen Barrie (Current long standing teachers )

Emma Hough (PHG2015)

Sarah Cremer (Chairlady PHG30 Committee); Louise Arnold (PHG30 Committee); Alison Putterill (PHG30 Committee)

Makie Mbanje (PHG02); Tendai Mufunda (PHG02); Amanda Ngwerume (PHG00)

Vimbai Karimatsenga (PHG05);

Tracy Blignaut (PHG Headmistress) Claire Hough (PHG Deputy Headmistress) Karen Barrie

Moira Whitaker; Mark Whitaker (Business Director Peterhouse Group); Liz Peebles; Graham Peebles (SVH Headmaster)

Claire Hough; Tracy Blignaut; Howard Blackett (Rector); Susie Blackett

Harriett Rinashe - Head of the Hospitality Club and wonderful PHG teacher.



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